Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wanting to know you Wens.

Have you ever gone on a blind date? or gone on a date with someone you met through the internet?

I did both with a guy named Travis. Remember myspace? We met on there. We had friends in common so I wasn't worried he would turn out to be someone crazy.

I can remember how thrilling it was when i'd see his name in my inbox. It was exciting exchanging getting to know you emails with hints of future things we would do together.

Countless messages later, we decided to finally meet and go out to dinner. I remember being so nervous waiting for him to ring my doorbell. He was as cute and as fun as he was in his emails.

We'd meet up here and there and had one hot night in the back of his new truck---though we never became anything serious (bad timing).

Travis was my only experience of both meeting someone off the internet/blind date and what a good one it was. In fact, we're still facebook friends and awhile back he texted to congratulate me on my pregnancy.

It made me smile, just like his emails back in college.


what about you? & if you haven't done either, would you? 

share your blind date / internet dating experiences-- the good and the bad below :  


Taylor said...

Wishing I was that brave!

kitten roar said...

Chris & I met on Facebook and 2.5 years later we're still going strong ;)

I had met his roommate (my friend Alice's roommate was trying to set him up with her!) and we had added each other on Facebook. Chris was new to Chicago from Memphis and thought my assymetrical haircut and sunglasses were cute and he sent me a message.

We shared a few messages and text messages, and got to know each other a bit. He was a little bit older than me - which was a bit intimidating but also exciting, and we decided to meet a day or two later on my favorite holiday - Halloween! We watched scary movies on my couch since I had a sprained ankle, and I loved that he smelled like coffee and caramel (he worked at Starbucks!)

2.5 years later, we live together with our cat, and I've learned a few of those things he told me in his messages were "enhancements" to woo me, but he's still awesome without the enhancements and i love him!

TiffanyDRoe said...

I met my hubby about 2 months before his wedding to his first wife, when I went back to his brothers place.

Long story short, we lost touch after that and in Sept '09 I got a Facebook message telling me I was beautiful. After a couple of messages, we were on the phone chatting.

He proposed in Oct '09, we were married Mar '10, had a baby in Jan '11, and we are still going strong.

I will always be grateful to Facebook for letting me get back in touch with the cute guy that ended up being the LOML!!

Lauryn said...

I went on a sort of blind date with a guy I met on Facebook when I was a freshman in college. Facebook was pretty new back then!

We met in person and he looked NOTHING like his photo. He had broughta group of his friends along on the date to Mongolian BBQ. He talked to his friends the whole time, so after he went up to get his third serving of food I made an early exit.

It was BAD. lol!

Claire Kiefer said...

You know my stories! I was on a dating site briefly (a few years ago) and went out on 5 dates. One was atrocious, one was fun, and three were mediocre. I think I'd give it a try again if I were single--I know a lot of people who've met their forever person that way!

The Poppy Creative said...

I guess its a little bit different, but I meet my last relationship in person at a rock show. I was like wow he is a BABE! Saw him perfrom, but never spoke to him. hahaha. Then he disappeared off into the night.

3 days later I got a friend request on Facebook... From him!! He had found me on facebook and we sepnt about a month emailing back and forth before I gave him my number. We started texting and before I knew it I had moved cross country to be with him. The relationship was what it was, but eventually, came to an end. But I am glad to have had it either way.

Anonymous said...

I met a guy on a dating website. He was hot...model-like, great body! We exchanged phone numbers and weeks after texting and talking (and a few naughty pictures he sent me-WOW!), I agreed to meet him. Don't get me wrong...I decided to meet him not because of the naughty pics either.

I met him at a restaurant/bar and we had a great time. He told me he went out on a few dates with other women from the site and if he wasn't into it, he would leave after his first drink. So he was done with his first beer and I was almost done with my wine. I sat there and thought "This is the moment of truth." He ended up ordering two more beers after that and said, "If you couldn't tell, I am having a wonderful time."

Well that was the one and only time I saw him. Like you, timing was all wrong! He is a great catch.

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