Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wanting to Know you Wens.

A week away from being 7 months pregnant (i know, where did the time go?!), it's hard to feel especially sexy. 

Something that i've started doing that has helped is wearing sexy underwear. I might as well take advantage of these big boobs while i have them and before i have to transition to maternity bras (and even then, i'm going to be on the hunt for prettier ones). 

And you know what lovies? it's working. Just today as I got out of the shower and was getting ready for work, my husband saw me changing and asked me if i was wearing that (talking about my black lacy number) underneath my clothes. 


oh the look on his face. 

i may feel very pregnant but i still want to feel sexy, for me


so what do you do for yourself (and a bonus for the husband/boyfriend) to feel sexy/beautiful? 

wearing red lipstick? spraying perfume on your collar bone? ideas please.


Lacey Marie said...

Cute! You work it, lady! I actually saw a sassy leopard print nursing bra at Target the other day! I believe it was Gillian and O'Malley brand.

J. said...

I honestly can't remember the last time I felt 'sexy'. . . my Neil tells me I am all the time (his fave look is me, bare-faced with my bangs down rather than pinned back.) But I've been in SUCH a rut lately with weight gain and yuck summer skin (bug bites=bad sores for this allergic girl) that I just don't feel it myself. Guess I'm lucky that my fella still sees me that way. . .

Claire Kiefer said...

Sexy underwear is a big one! I take extra time with my makeup, wear perfume, and put on a pretty dress . . . and you know, my hair makes a big difference. I don't ever feel sexy when my hair is frizzy and thrown back into a bun or ponytail, but if I take the time to dry & curl it, I feel so much better. Also, a tan. That helps tremendously!

I know Chip thinks you're totally sexy pregnant. Probably especially so!

April said...

What a hot little number you must be in your sexy underwear, prego and all! I feel sexy when I don't wear a bra at all! haha I have this one black tank top that I normally wear braless and it's been quite a hit. haha ;)

BTW I lost my phone at Bonnaroo so I don't have your number anymore! Shoot me a text if you get a spare minute. Miss ya!

Katie said...

I love this blog post Mickey! I'm sure Max appreciates all your sexy undies!

I am SO lucky in that Justin gets a lovedrunk/sloppy smile on his face every time he catches me changing or getting dressed after a shower. He also tells me constantly how gorgeous/beautiful/cute I am. I truly appreciate his unconditional adoration.

That being said, I also run my ass off, do Insanity workouts, and eat healthy to keep my belly flat. And wear really great bras to keep my big boobies off my flat tummy :) Feeling sexy, fit, and STRONG is the best feeling to me - like I can conquer the world - and I know Justin enjoys it when I love my body instead of complain about it.

Kristyn said...

I think this is great! You should feel sexy; I'm sure you're glowing!

bethany said...

Oh, lord, I can't believe you're almost 7 months pregnant! It's flying. (Um, for me. The stranger on the other end of the internet. For you, it's probably not flying.) ;)

I'm with Claire on taking the time to do my hair...usually before my husband gets home. I know it's silly, but I don't feel hot when I'm a frizzy mess.

Also, I'm a perfume-before-bedtime user. My husband laughs at it...but he always tells me I smell amazing when we snuggle up. Just a little spritz on my left shoulder, where his nose ends up while cuddling.

Does the trick. :)

Lauryn said...

Good for you sexy mama! Underwear and freshly shaven legs can go a looong way!

I always feel sexier when I've straightened my hair, which sounds weird, I know. For the most part it's just having the opportunity to feel fully groomed. Showered, shaved, nails done, etc! It helps me relax :)

sheba said...

i agree, i feel so much better if i'm "dressed" underneath! ;) my hubby doesn't mind either.

when i had just had indio, i came across a lingerie shop in brooklyn where you could buy all sorts of beautiful underthings and the woman who owned the store would adjust the bands/straps/even cups if something didn't fit "just right." the best part? she would put in clips into sexy little bras so that they could become nursing bras! i was already so sick of the utilitarian numbers i had and so happy to feel sexy once again!

Leesh said...

I can't believe you are almost 7 months. Where the heck has the time gone? Sometimes I feel like when you are not the pregnant one, the time goes by fast but if you are the pregnant one, maybe time goes by slowly...?

I think just in general, time is going by too quickly.

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