Friday, June 29, 2012

happy things with which to end the week.

♥ remember the who's your daddy doll i got husband for father's day? i loved it so much, me and twinkie couldn't resist getting one of my brother Marco for his little girl Sollie. My brother snapped this precious photo! Seriously, Mandi is amazing- looks just like my brother! 

♥ my Pretty You & Me earrings can make me feel fancy on a day where i'm feeling blah

♥ date night with my husband at Tosca Stone Oven Pizzeria (that included the best tiramisu!) i am so in love with this man. 

♥ i believe in thank-you cards and these were too cute to pass up! (i sent one to my sister-in-law who sent me her old maternity clothes - much needed! i think i will live in Gap maternity shirts from here on out)

♥ game night over at my friend Manny's house - since i can't drink, this is the "drink" he made me. awesome! 

♥ and a song for you (this was in Seeking a Friend for the end of the World. i love when songs fit perfectly in a movie) 

Happy Friday Lovies! what happy things are you ending the week with?

+please leave a link below if you do post-- i'd love to share in your happiness xo


April said...

A good thank you note goes a long way! Those are adorable! Perfect for your baby gifts! <3

Claire Kiefer said...

I love that song so much. I always have. It makes me feel both sad & happy at the same time, somehow.

Those dolls are THE CUTEST and I'm going to keep them in mind for baby gifts in the future. Seeing the Marco doll next to Sollie makes me realize that they're bigger than I thought! She's amazing. :)

We had a date night this week too: sushi & frozen yogurt! So nice. :)

Love and miss you so much!

Meghan said...

Those earrings are just gorgeous! And a dinner date with your husband? Sounds like a perfect night!

Megan said...

Oh my gosh your little niece is beautiful! I am so excited as I just got my first little niece. Dinner dates are so fun, I bet you two cannot wait for it to be the three of you, not long to go now! xx

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I love your list!

Alan and I could really use a date night. Especially one with a pizza like that...

I'm on summer vacation now! Let's skype soon, shall we?

Leesh said...

I find the "drink" that was made for you adorable and so thoughtful.

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