Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fall in love with Ren Dear.

My friend Lauren just opened a beautiful embroidery shop on etsy called Ren Dear. I'm smitten with everything in it! 

From her description of her happy little embroidery shop: You can find simplistic, sweet-and affordable!- designs made with needle and thread. 

Lauren specializes in lyric & movie quotes like the above, a great line from one of my favorite books (I agree with her description on this listing--we all have a bit of Charlie in us). I need this for above our bed! 

 ^Hands down, my favorite movie line. Gets me every single time
These would make the perfect gifts for any occasion. Housewarming, baby shower, birthday, or for yourself because you deserve a treat. They go with every decor and are everything you'd want in a gift- so pretty (+ handmade!) and incredibly thoughtful.

Such beautiful details:
the back of the embroideries are double-felted for protection

I love she offers a great price on custom orders. I know Lauren, and I know anything she made for you will be with a lot of thought and heart. 

*Lovies, definitely check out Ren Dear on etsy because right now through May 10th, Lauren is offering 30 % OFF with coupon code FELIX. 


April said...

These are gorg. I want to do this, but with lots of cursing. haha ;)

Jessie said...

Needlepoint/embroidery isn't normally my style- but I love her work! (And that most are lines from movies/lyrics?! Be still, my heart!)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I just love these...So beautiful and unique!

Gracie said...

Ahh these are lovely. I love that she uses great quotes and they are so unique. x

Regine Karpel said...

Love the first one!
So cute!

shellasaurusrex said...

Just wanted to say thanks for this! That lovely Meet Me in Montauk is now showcased on my blog and my wall! Thanks again for having amazing taste!

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