Thursday, April 11, 2013

I am that girl who travels with one. You'll also see me on the dance floor wearing one.

Yes, a fanny pack. I thrifted one last year for my friend Manny's 80s themed birthday party and it was so convenient at the bar. When we danced, I didn't have to worry about carrying my purse, my lipstick and phone were right there at my hip. 
A couple of weeks ago, I wore my fanny pack to the country bar (I love a good two step / line dance). 

This thing has also been a life saver when traveling with a baby. 

You guys, seriously why did they ever go out of style? My sisters, including my future sister-in-law, tease me about my fanny pack love.

I was catching up on this past Tuesday's Hart of Dixie and gasped when I saw Rachel Bilson sporting one. Of course, I had to send a photo to my sisters and Christina. 
I need to get a cute fanny pack ASAP! I put these two styles in my etsy favorites: 
1//2 (the teal one Christina liked+showed me actually)

I will end my love letter to the fanny pack on this SUPER CUTE note. I couldn't resist buying the above onesie for Felix. Brush and mirror on the back! ha 

Like mother, like daughter.

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Anonymous said...

ain't nuthing wrong with fanny packs! i have one and use it when i travel

Belen said...

i love fanny packs too. i still have my mom's from the 80s. it's a simple gray one, but i really want a stylish one for when i go out with friends, haha. <3

Mae said...

I love your fanny packs!

Claire Kiefer said...

LOL to Felix wearing a fanny pack onesie!!!! So cute. The only time I've worn one was on the 3 day breast cancer walk . . . not sure I'm interested in wearing one out. hahaha. But I see what you mean about their convenience! I'm currently using a purse with a long strap that I wear cross-body, so it serves a similar purpose, I think. :)

Kara said...

Literally years ago, no joke, I found that awesome teal fanny pack on Etsy and really really wanted to buy it. So much! My friends made serious fun of me!! But I still really love it...let's get matching ones ;)

christine said...

uhhh yea I had one back in the day....I'm surprised they're coming back but they are a pretty handy accessory

undomestic mama said...

I HATED fanny packs, mainly because my dad had one that he wore all the time. I think it was purple. Or maybe his was black and my step-mom's purple BUT, the last two you showed are actually cute. Technically I guess they are fanny packs but the look more like purses you wear around your hips. And yay for Felix's onesie, that little girl will make anything adorable.

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