Saturday, April 20, 2013

Felix's Mama Doll.

Last year for Father's Day, I surprised my husband with a custom Who's Your Daddy doll from Duke & June. I have loved watching Felix play with her daddy doll. Imagine how excited I was when Mandi started making Mama dolls

My sweet twinkie Marianne ordered one for Felix for our birthday and lovies--- I am so in awe of Mandi's work yet again. 
Her attention to detail (like my side part, beauty mark) makes the doll one of a kind. Marianne chose the floral dress I wore during our maternity shoot. How Mandi found fabric exactly like my dress makes her (and my doll) even more amazing! She even made sandals like the ones I was wearing.

I love these dolls so much and think how special I hope they will always be to Felix.  I would have loved to have one of my parents when they were young and first figuring out their little family.
We're best friends, didn't you know?

 and then my heart exploded!

Her poses kill me! Oh Felix girl, you are something else.

Marianne, you couldn't have picked a more perfect gift for us. We love you and your thoughtful heart! XO 

Mandi, we love your thoughtful heart too. Thank-you for taking the time to make another extraordinary doll, even with nesting and being 30+ weeks pregnant. I know I say that over and over, but I am a huge fan of your dolls. You are awesome, my friend. THANK-YOU!!! Our best wishes for baby Duke 


Mae said...

You have the most darling, adorable baby girl! Just looking at her pictures make me smile. :) And love that doll!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Oh sweet Fe! Auntie Erin loves you and your darling smile :) Thanks for bringing a smile to my face just now.

Those dolls are fantastic. What a fun thing to have forever. So special.

Love you, M. xo

Gracie said...

I just adore little Fe! She is so lovely. Those dolls are soo amazing and I will need to remember them for future gift ideas. x

Leesh said...

It's perfect that she now has a match to her papa doll and how adorable that her mama doll is an exact replica of you. The dolls are amazing and they will stick with her as she grows. So thoughtful that your twinkie got it for you.

This set of photos of Felix is by far my favorite.

Jessie said...

There are not enough words to describe the adorable-ness of Fe as is- but her with those dolls?! Just too much cuteness. <3

Rhianne said...

OMG its so perfect :)

Duke and June said...

YAY! I am so glad you and Felix love the Momma doll! (I can't tell you how excited I was to find a fabric so close to the original)Thank you for being such a LOVELY customer! xoxo Mandi

undomestic mama said...

This is awesome! I'm so glad Felix got one to complete the pair.

Sarah said...

so darling! Love it!! and those dolls are so adorable!

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