Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baby Pen Pals.

It is as cute as it sounds. 

Jasmine (we met when we were paired in this fun swap) emailed me about an idea she had with her sister Emma Kate. 

Emma Kate and I actually had the same due date so our daughters are days apart in age. Felix was born on September 17th and Emma Kate's beautiful girl Scarlett was born on the 21st of September. 

It's no secret I love old fashioned letters. I love putting together happy mail and receiving it means even more now as a stay at home Mama. 

Jasmine asked if Felix would like to be Scarlett's pen pal. For now, Emma Kate and I will write for them until they are old enough to take over. 

In their first letters "they" told each other how they got their names, what foods they were eating, how Scarlett loves swim class and Fe, story time.

Obviously, we hope they will love writing like their Mama's ;) but hopefully this will help get them excited about it for sure (someday this friendship will even be a sweet learning tool for writing/reading).  

Some of my very best friends started out as pen pals. In fact, one of my closest friends is my pen pal Sanja who lives in Slovenia. We started writing each other when we were 12 and though we have yet to meet, I love that we text almost daily. 

I hope Felix will have those amazing kind of friends in her life. 

They were destined to be pen pals --they have the same ring rattle and they live a world away from each other (Scarlett and Emma Kate live in Australia).

Scarlett, Felix can't wait to hear from you next. She says she hopes you got her postcard from Virginia XO


Mae said...

This is too cute! And such a great idea. I love handwritten letters and receiving them in the mail, too. It sometimes makes me wonder if the children of this generation will even know what that means. But, you're getting Felix started on it, so good for you! Does she have a special stationary, too? :)

Claire said...

oh my goodness that is soooo cute! those girls are so lucky to have mums like you two, and the enjoyment they will have when they can start putting scribbles to paper! ahhhhhhh

Sandra Roman said...

What a darling idea! These girls are going to look back on these letters and thank you for creating such a meaningful bond. :)

ps. Such beautiful girls! Brings on the baby fever! ha

Rhianne said...

Oh wow, what a precious idea, I love it! I bet you can't wait to see their letters when they can start doing them :)

Jessie said...

Love this. I miss writing letters. . . I MUST get back into that!

Dawn said...

I love this idea, and I love that both mothers and both daughters are able to make a new friend across the world! I do hope that the girls will continue the habit when they are older. ... maybe I want to have a baby solely for this reason ... ;)

undomestic mama said...

This is awesome! And I'm impressed that you're still in touch with Sanja, I always wished we'd gotten pen pals in school but we never did. When I was younger I even tied a note to a balloon hoping whoever found it would write me but my mom didn't let me include my address for "safety reasons" now I understand why :)

Gracie said...

I love this! I love that I know both babies :) I truly hope they continue on when they get older. x

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

I am so glad you guys both loved this idea (that actually came from a conversation I had with Gracie!). I hope Felix and Scarlett become the best of friends!

x Jasmine

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