Thursday, April 4, 2013

Felix's pal.

We spent all of yesterday traveling. I can now say I've been on a plane that has been struck by lightening. I know it happens more often then you (I) think, but it has never happened to me and I'm already a nervous flyer. I was glad to have husband's hand to hold. Thanks be to God for keeping our Felix girl safe.

Our few days with family in Virginia was just that-- TOO FEW. It went by incredibly fast and I wasn't ready to leave.

I'll share a few photos from our trip next time but today I want to relax with my teething baby (she cut her first tooth!!! at least now we know the reason for the extra fussiness) and attempt at unpacking our bags.

But! I had to share Felix's new pal that came home with us from our trip to my in-laws. My husband's cabbage patch doll when he was a baby!

I think Felix and Bobby Humphries are going to be the best of friends, just like her Papa and him. 

(this is totally random but two things I loved at the airport : family restrooms are so much cleaner! & those quick spa places. I spent $50 for a 30 minute back/shoulder/neck chair massage and it was quite possibly the best massage I have EVER had. My poor back needed to be popped in so many different places and when he did me that favor, it felt so good I wanted to cry and hug him at the same time)

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undomestic mama said...

It's so cool that his parents kept his doll, it seems like parents of boys don't keep stuff as often, and it's so fitting for your vintage-loving heart. Glad to hear you had a good time but how scary to be in a plane struck by lightning!

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