Monday, April 22, 2013

crewel wishes.

One of my favorite pieces I thrifted for Felix's nursery is this crewel embroidered owl.

I daydream of coming across a Try A Little Kindness crewel piece like the one in this gorgeous blogger's nursery. I would love a God Bless Our Pad too, please. 

Here are some crewel art in my etsy favorites that I wouldn't mind hanging in Fe's nursery : 

1 from Fire Lake
3 from Mella Fina

I wish I could sew. And if I could, I would snatch this Hedgehog pin cushion from Tarnish and Tatters.

Clearly, I need some more crewel in my life. 


Sarah said...

LOVE the to love is to be loved one! You always find the BEST things :)

Christina Monique said...

awww bri would love that hedgehog. :)

these remind me of growing up at my Grandmas, she always had things like that hanging up. Maybe I can go through her things and see if she still has them :) xoxo where's Fe?

Claire Kiefer said...

I don't even know what crewel is. :) but these are so Micaela!

Claudia Aguilar said...

Crewel art is beautiful! That hedgehog is the best!

E. Charlotte said...

Oh how pretty these are! To be honest, I never knew what to call them. Crewel is a new term for me! That "Try a Little Kindess" piece is gorgeous! I wish I had that one too!

April said...

The one you found is pretty badass, even compared to the ones you want off Etsy. Just keep your eyes peeled. I'm sure you'll find another one soon ;)

christine said...

I am always impressed with embroidery...actually it is something I haven't really tried to learn, which I really should.

Rhianne said...

I'm totally in love with number 4 - what lovely choices. I adore the owl you did pick up too!

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