Wednesday, February 3, 2010

favor from my heart + an awesome necklace you can win as a thank-you

oh my parents. They ran an accolade in our local newspaper back home in Texas about my brother Marco. (isn't he handsome?)

Arizona Army Air National Guard SSgt. Marco L. Lechuga has deployed to Iraq to serve in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. This deployment is Lechuga’s third one-year tour of duty to Iraq. Lechuga is an H-60 Black Hawk helicopter crew chief and one of the helicopter side-door gunners. He is assigned to A Company, 2-285th Aviation Regiment based at Phoenix, AZ.

Marco's birthday is February 22nd. I sent off this care package with instructions that he had to share his birthday snacks with his unit. His "real gift" was a picture of him and my Lola, my grandmother on my Mom's side. He was very much the grandma's boy growing up.

i thought the birthday card was too cute! The wolf credo includes "Respect your elders / Cooperate with the pack / Rest inbetween/ & Leave Your Mark."

so i was hoping if you lovies could help me out like you graciously did before. If you have the time, i would be ever so thankful if you could send out a birthday card or note to him in Iraq. I can just imagine mail call as the days get closer to his birthday, and in come in your wonderful cards.

as his sister, i can think of nothing better (besides having him home). If you would like to wish him a happy birthday, please email me at . I'll be more than happy to give you my brother's mailing address. All it costs is a stamp if you're in the U.S.

for all of you who do, because it means so much to me, i'll keep track of your name and you'll be entered in a giveaway.

the lovely Danielle of Dinosaur Toes is donating this leather bow tie necklace handmade from her etsy shop that i have and LOVE. It is really gorgeous and one-of-a-kind.

I'll chose the lucky winner of this giveaway on his birthday, February 22nd.

Thank-you dearest friends in advance, and Danielle you are AWESOME!!! thank-you xo


Erin said...

I'm so organized, I sent it yesterday! I'm sure he'll have a very happy birthday, what with all the cards that are sure to be heading his way at this very moment.

My brother would adore a pack of yummy snacks like that... Will have to post hilarious photo of his 30th birthday cake from the weekend. I think it will make you laugh...

Belen said...

Yay for birthdays! BP's birthday is Feb 23, and my late grandpa's is the 28th.

I'm definitely sending a special something to him for his birthday! If I were to send off goodies, is the address I already have okay?

And I would LOVE to win that necklace as well. It's GORGEOUS!

I'm totally working on a letter for him soon. :)

Marisa said...

Of Course i am in.... What a lovely handsome! and what a great write up..

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I didn't know his birthday was coming up. I really need to get a move on! You are the sweetest sister!

Rasha said...

Such a sweet sister,.
Ill try sending a card for his BD

The Socialite said...

Is it still the same address as last time? If so, I've got it covered! ;)

Gabby said...

I had already planned on sending one! :)

Connie said...

I have emailed you for his address and will send one ASAP! You are a wonderful sister!

Micaela said...

Erin, you must post said photo :) you must!! thank you, dependable girl. really, this is a great quality freckles.

Belen, Bless your late grandpa's. Yes, the address you have is okay :) if you need it again (and are like me with things, let me know if you need me to email it to you again).

M, i love you! i'm emailing you in a bit btw. xo

Aimee, your email killed me with joy! :) you have no idea. You'll see why in my reply.

vanessa, it is the same address. If you need it again, let me know.

Rasha, i would love it if you could- just let me know if you do so i can put your name down.

Connie, THANK YOU!!! sending you email now.

you girls make me happy :)

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

Aww you're such a great sister :) I emailed you about it bc I'm awesome like that and I think people have got some balls to be in the army/navy/coast guard..any of those scary things.

Also, WOAH badass care package!

Sara said...

I love the necklace! BUT I don't want to feel like I am doing this to get it...

February is birthday month :)
My sister, my mum, my best friends and two other really good friends of mine :)

I am sure I can find something to send your brother that would make him happy! AND it's a shorter distance from Egypt to Iraq!

Could you email me the address?

kateigh said...

i would love to!! i will have it out as soon as i get back. (tomorrow)

love that you do so much for your brother!! i am too lucky to have my brother in my life every day. he is my true best friend. and i love that you have such a fabulous relationship with your family.

thanks for letting us be a part of such a wonderful family!


tinypaperheart said...

hi micaela! thanks so much for all your comments...they made my day! :) you know, we're still waiting on our wedding pictures but i'll definitely post them up once we get them. and i think you would look beautiful in a jcrew wedding dress :) when are you getting married?

p.s. that leather bow necklace is awesome!

Jamie said...

So sweet! I sent him a Christmas card but I'd love to also send a birthday card! I'll need his address again tho. I don't think I'll be able to find it in the depths of my desk, lol.

erin elder said...

i will definitely be sending him birthday wishes!! what a fabulous sister you are... That care package is awesome!!

J. said...

I'll get his card in the mail asap!! :)

chelsea rebecca said...

emailing you now! you are such a wonderful sister! that package is SO intense!

Krissa said...

i will be sending him a birthday card soon!!!! You are such a sweet sister! i believe i still have his address from before...but if not i will email you...thanks for the reminder!!!

DIANA DYE said...

That’s an amazing brother you have!! And that is the most adorable gift ever a picture that means so much is a phenomenal idea I love it!! And I think he will love the Oreo’s hahahaha!!

Jenni said...

Has his address changed? If so, let me know. If not, I'm going to send him a b-day card. I want too. I hope he doesn't think I"m crazy because I've already sent him two things and have never meet him. I always just tell him that too. :)

The true gift of the photo is just wonderful and so thoughtful and kind. You are the best sister. <3

Micaela said...


it's the same address love! :)
you are the sweetest.


Sandra said...

I'm sorry about the last one, but I am so in on this one, big sis!

SogniSorrisi said...

What a lovely idea! I've emailed you.

houndini said...

Sorry, only just seen this - I gues it's too late to send one?

Wish your brother a happy birthday from the blog world anyhow and say that we're all proud of him - all over the world.

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