Friday, December 16, 2011

happy things to end the week with.

♥ remember last friday when i told you how excited i was about sarah's jewelry party? well i'm happy to say my red velvet cupcakes were a hit (kary, you would've been proud)! it was a fun, wine-filled night of girl talk with sarah's hand-made jewelry line "pretty you and me". i love everything i bought, but especially these feather earrings i had to have.  Aren't they gorgeous? they are my new statement piece.

♥ did you hear who's going to my beloved Dallas Mavericks?! me and Kim can really be bffs now. 

♥ speaking of sports, if you know my twin sis then you KNOW 100% what a smitten kitten she is over former Texas Rangers "Ace" Pitcher C.J. Wilson. Now that he's pitching for the Angels... guess what four blog girlfriends in four different cities are going to do in May? details on twinkie's blog but i am SO excited! these girls and sports-- it can't get any better.

Happy Friday Lovies!!! what happy things are you ending the week with? 

+please leave a link below if you do post-- i'd love to share in your happiness xo


April said...

That cupcake looks delicious. Om nom nom. So jealous of your girl trip!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I'm impressed by that beautiful cupcake, M! Yum. I wonder how well that would travel in the post from Texas to BC???

So exciting that the four of you are meeting up next spring in Cali! But when are you coming to visit me?


Claire Kiefer said...

Cannot wait for our trip! And I looooove those earrings. They're gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Luv the earring!s

Leanna Vera said...

You better track down Khloe and Lamar...and then blog about it!

Karina said...

I am one proud sister hen! Hehe, to not say mother hen ;D Your cupcake looks heavenly and I am sure that it tasted DELICIOSO ;D Now when you come to New York again or I go to Texas we can bake cupcakes together! I am SO excited for you and Marzs roadtrip! You are finally going to get to hug Faiza! So much fun ;D Oh! I almost forgot, you were right about the feather earrings your friend makes! Omg!!!! I want and need a pair like those! Send me a pic of you wearing them ;D I love you!!!!!!! xo

Faiza said...

umm us, sports and FRENCH FRIES! girlgasm!

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