Tuesday, December 27, 2011

i am a blessed girl.

i realize Christmas is not about material things etc. etc. but i have to say... i was pretty spoiled this year. :) and because i want to remember it all, here goes the "materialistic" post.

Christmas morning started out perfect with the gift from my parents (coffee in the morning just got easier) paired with the locally made blueberry jam from my brother and his girlfriend.

Santa Husband even remembered our dog babies...
 i can't even tell you how much i love my husband.

Christmas Aftermath 
some of the things i got this year :
since i have a jersey with my maiden name, my husband surprised me with a cowboys jersey (from their vintage collection) with my "updated" last name. i love it!

(speaking of sports, it was nice to have Dirk Nowitzki back on my telly)

out of all the nice things his parents sent (including the softest flannel sheets), i had to show off these shirts they got us that made me giggle-- a joke on my texas. 

i also got wonderful gifts from dear blog friends (thank-you beautiful alyssa, athanasia, kary, april, and gracie!) 

along with my cowboys jersey and record player... my darling husband also threw in one of these. i am a blessed girl, indeed. 

but the sweetest and best christmas gift was opening a framed photo of my little niece/nephew to-be, my brother Marco's first baby. 

what was the best thing you got this year? 

ps. what did we ever do before skype? since we didn't get to go home for the holidays, i was thankful to get to video chat with both of our parents and my seesters. 


Amanda said...

It's alright to be a little materialistic sometimes, right? :)
Especially with such great presents.

My pup is never forgotten on Christmas either!

I'm not sure I have a favorite, I was pretty spoiled this year too! :)


Claire Kiefer said...

I am so excited for Marco's new baby to be. I'm certain that he or she will be just as beautiful and wonderful as the rest of the Lechugas! It's so fun seeing a glimpse of your Christmas. :) My gifts were mostly kitchen related: fancy knives from Dad and Amy, an immersion blender from Mama, a Le Creuset dutch oven from Cari and JJ. Plus a couple of prison books and a ruffly shower curtain and some big gold earrings! haha. :)

We are so behind on each other! I'll be around for a while tomorrow . . . before I go to THE SHOOTING RANGE with my old friend Tyler. hahaha!!

meghan said...

you will love your keurig! it's such a great invention!!

April said...

I'm so jelly of that camera! Sweet!!! And all your other presents are pretty baller, too. <3
I got books and DVDs, and Kate Spade's Twirl (IT SMELLS SO GOOD, MICAELA. I'm a fancy perfume whore.), and then a blender/food processor!

Meghan said...

Aww! Such a wonderful holiday you had! And congrats to your brother! So exciting!

kitten roar said...

ahhh that keurig is beautiful. my boyfriend got me a record player, too! along with abbey road by the beatles on vinyl. cannot wait! and i can't lie, when i saw you holding the ultrasound picture, i TOTALLY thought you were about to make a birth announcement...the birth announcement for your new niece/nephew is just as exciting though!

i got a lot of kitcheny things...a new mixer, mixing bowls, some baking sheets and cake pans, a kindle & reading light, just dance 3 (my new favorite work out of choice for the new year!), and my grandmother gave chris & i the money to buy ourselves a new dresser :)

so glad you had a great christmas <3

Faiza said...

christmas may not be about the material things but look at all the ways the loves of your life were able to show you their love? LOVE IT!

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