Thursday, December 1, 2011

A GIVEAWAY for a great cause : win a shine project necklace!

lovies, i am pretty excited about this giveaway because not only is a gorgeous necklace up for grabs but it's for such an amazing cause. I'll let the beautiful hostess tell you more: 

Heyyy new friends! I'm Ashley, and I blog over at The Shine Project.

I created The Shine Project at the beginning of this year to motivate others to go after their goals, and spread their light to others. I believe that service is the best way to feel happiness and love in our lives, and I created SHINE necklaces to help remind us of our daily purpose. Money from each necklace sold goes into a scholarship fund to help inner city high school students go to college. You can read more about that HERE and HERE. The Shine Project is in the process of becoming a Non-Profit organization so that thousands more students can have a positive future.

I believe that no act of kindness is too small or insignificant to perform.
I believe that it's when we feel the most inadequate
that we're able to grow and rise above ourselves.
I believe in miracles. Not because they happen out of nowhere,
but because hard work brings blessings that would otherwise not come.
I believe in reaching goals. Pushing yourself when you feel like you've
reached your outermost limits is how you obtain what you want.
I believe in learning who you are through serving other people.
You can see your potential and abilities when you're using them
to lift and teach others.
I believe that nothing is impossible.

Go HERE to see more shine necklaces and order information. There are even options to personalize your necklace with dates and initials -- and are affordable holiday gifts! Right now, get 10% off your total order by using Shine10 for your code. 

to win a SHINE necklace :

*comment below with who you'd give shine necklaces to

For extra entries:
*Like The Shine Project on FB

I'll pick the winner in a week + a day on December 9th so be sure to put your name in the tin of chance.


Anonymous said...

id be gifting it to my girlfrend whom i have know her the last 12 years...we are the bestest of friends, we could be sworn enemies, partners in crime, sisters and yet our friendship remains true

Jo said...

I would give a Shine necklace to my mother. She embodies everything I think this stands for. She truly made her own way in this world. She's dyslexic, but wasn't diagnosed until she was an adult. She somehow pushed through, got an education, and is a restauranteur. She now works with the ARC program at the local college to employ students at her restaurant who are learning to "assimilate" to society. I really admire her. She truly shines!

Belen said...

I'd probably give this necklace my bff Mary, who's survived thru a lot more than people know. She's a tough gal, only because she's gone thru so much physical and emotional surviving. Because of her experiences, she's learn to make her dreams reality, and she's always there for me to kick me in the butt when I need to stop sulking and get what I want. She shines like no one else.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I have a Shine Project necklace and I love it. I wear it often, espicially on days when I don't feel particulary shiny at all. It's a nice pick-me-up!

Naomi said...

I would give a necklace to one of my best buddies over in New York City, who shines all the time!

Leanna Vera said...

I'd give one to my little sister. She's a Senior in high school and she's been very nervous about college and what her plans for next year will be. I think it'd be a great confidence boost for her.

Leanna Vera said...

I follow the Shine Project blog

Leanna Vera said...

I like the Shine Project on Facebook.

C.E.R. said...

I would give the necklace to my friend who dedicated many years of her life to working with children in the Chicago Public Schools.

sheba said...

so pretty and what a great organization!

there are two ppl i'd give a shine necklace to: faiza b/c she really does give everyone a chance to shine, both in her work and personal life; and even though he probably wouldn't wear it, my hubby, emil b/c his whole life has been dedicated to giving kids a chance to life a fuller life.

Stephanie said...

I would totally give it to my little sweetie niece, Lucia.
For a 10 year old girl, she has a heart for Jesus like no other.
She's not afraid to say it loud, say it proud, and let the world know how wonderful he is!
She shines so bright, she's hard to miss! :)

Gracie said...

I would give this to my mum because she is just awesome and shines in her own way. I think this is such a great initiative and I love to support charities whenever I can :)

Eve said...

I would give it to my MOM. She's very extraordinary mom and I adore her from all my heart. I don't call her "mom" , she's my best friend and the best person in the world which I know, that's why i use HER name when calling. I'm really proud of her as she has raised me as a great person. This is the best present and I am and will be thankful for it. This little necklace would be a great symbol of my love and would show how much do I adore her efforts :)

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