Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ornament Exchange Check-In.

i know many of us are busy with last minute Christmas shopping, but I wanted to touch base with those lovies who signed up for my Ornament Swap. Ornaments were supposed to have been mailed by November 26th. 

It's my hope that nearly all the ornaments sent are currently hanging on your beautiful Christmas trees. Some of you have sent me photos of them or like Erin, Marianne, and Phoenix-- you've already blogged about the gorgeous baubles you've received. 

Unfortunately, some of you may be waiting on your ornament to arrive. 

swaps are a lot of fun and can be an amazing way to become friends with another blogger... but only if you participate-- because why else would you sign up {i promise that's not meant to sound ugly but it's the truth, no?}

that said, i know life happens and if that's truly the reason, hopefully you at least let your swap partner know. i bet she's pretty wonderful and would understand (i would). 

so please dear ornament exchangers, let me know if you never received your ornaments or as the sender, of any delays etc. 

if you've blogged about your ornament exchange, i'd love to see! + please leave me a link below + i'll be sure to include it in a follow up post. 

thank-you so much lovies!!! this is my third time hosting and so far i haven't had problems... knock on wood! xoxo

image above : ornament i sent my vintage soul sister (it's so her). the photo is from her sweet blog post. amanda wasn't my swap partner but this was a surprise thank-you for the adorable ornament she made me and my husband. 


carmar76 said...

i got my ornaments & they were made of chocolate! : ) i THOUGHT i had done a post/taken pictures, but i can't seem to find it now. but i will say that they made me smile! : ) i love your swap, mics!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

My ornament just arrived a couple of days ago. Hurrah! Now my tree is up {as of a couple of hours ago}, I've got lots of photos to share of my lovely new ornaments from my swap partner and YOU! Stay tuned...

It's been a long, exhausting week. I'll email you soon, shall I?

Carrie said...

I got my ornaments and found a new bestie!! Thanks for hosting this, it was super fun. Here's the link to my blog post with pics of my ornament...ornaments, Sara was so sweet to send me 6 of her handmade glitter ones too!

April said...

I'm an awful person and sent my ornament out Saturday. BUT I TOLD HER SO IT'S OKAY RIGHT?!?! (wrong, but it's what happened.) Life's been hard, blah blah. But I got it sent out, and I have mine and I'll do a post when my mom lets me use her camera. Because I left mine at school.

Ro said...

I sent mine... not sure if it ever got there :/

evasuejane. said...

made mine but haven't sent it. i suck big time.. but did let her know that i suck big time. it's in my studio waiting to be mailed. (hopefully tomorrow!)

Micaela said...

april, veronica, eva-- that's totally fine if you sent them late as long as you told your swap partner :)


we all understand life happens! :) we'd just rather know you know? lol

sarah said...

i got my ornament and adore it! since im in the middle of moving i packed it up to take with me bc i'd like it as a decoration in my new apt haha instead of on my parents christmas tree :)

Karolina said...

I'm still waiting for my parcel to arrive dear! I'll post about it once it's here :)


Dawn said...

It's unfortunate that some people have yet to receive theirs. I'm sure things will get sorted out eventually.

I finally featured the ornament that Mary sent me. It's part of a Christmas collage that I made, which you can see here.

Thank you again for featuring this ornament swap. I'm so glad I participated, and I know that I will do the same next year.

Elisha Lynn said...

I loved participating in this exchange so much! I blogged about the ornament that my swap partner, Alycia, made for me. It is currently hanging on a rose bush in my apartment, but I am taking it home to MD on Friday to hang on our family Christmas tree!


Ginna said...

My ornament arrived while I was out of town, so I just got my act together and posted the recap on my blog. Thanks again SO much for organizing this swap! I'm so happy to have discovered yet another fabulous blog with my swap partner. :) xo

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Just posted all about the things I sent and received! Take a look here:

erin elder said...

I got my ornament just as i was heading out of town! Its such a beautiful addition to my tree... I love participating in your ornament exchange, and will be back again next year! :)

See my post bout it here:

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