Friday, December 2, 2011

happy things to end the week with.

♥ the most delicious pears by Harry & David delivered to our doorstep thanks to my dear friend (and once upon a time) joel. thank-you jolie! we loved them. xo 

♥ my momma makes beautiful crochet doilies (like the one i use as my little tree's skirt) and sent me this necklace she made just for me. My momma's so cute! She was so excited about it and i couldn't love it more!
♥ i've been wearing milani jewel FX nail polish in gold - perfect for the holiday season! the possibilities are endless, but i've been wearing it over nude nails just to give my hands a bit of sparkle (like this photo)

♥ i can't stop playing this song! it got me through my work-out on the treadmill yesterday. just the name of the song is one of those perfect simple sentences that hold so much weight {not to mention how hot is the video?}

♥ having a friday off is def. a happy way to end the week! except it feels like chicago instead of el paso outside-- the wind is insane! but i have to take advantage of this day off and get some christmas shopping done... husband's fur trapper hat to the rescue!

Happy Friday Lovies!!! what happy things are you ending the week with?

+please leave a link below if you do post-- i'd love to share in your happiness xo

***also, if you haven't entered the giveaway, please do so! winning a pretty necklace for free while supporting a great cause? seriously, why haven't you entered yet?! :)


Claire Kiefer said...

You look adorable in his hat! It's almost 70 degrees here today, so suffice to say, I don't need any hats! I hope it gets colder soon, though, b/c I bought the most adorable plaid cape at Anthropologie (wait till you hear about the deal I got on it) and I'm dying to wear it!


I also love gold glitter nails. Matt has been painting my nails lately <3 and I think I'm gonna have him paint them red with gold sparkle tonight!

Love and miss you lots. Are you around tonight? I'll be in the car from 4-5 my time if you're around to chat!!

Claire said...

your hat is so cute!!
I'm on the fence about glitter nails....maybe i need to experiment lol

Marz said...

You just look SO beautiful in that hat twinkie girl :) Every time I hear Rhi Rhi I think of you :) Mommy was SOOO excited to make you those necklaces :) They compliment you so well!!! Here's my happy things, and yes I had to sneak in a C.J. pic :) bahaha

Love you!!! xoxo

carmar76 said...

Beautifulness! Your momma does such an awesome job w/ the doilies! The one on my desk gets compliments often! : )

Jo said...

You should never give that hat back to your husband! It is too cute on you!!

And, that necklace is adorable! Your mom is one talented lady!!

Happy weekend!!

Karolina said...

I have a hat just like you! :) How are you dear? I haven't heard from you in a while.

Megan said...

Oh those pears look delicious, and home delivered sounds good to me :-)

I love glitter nails! Perfect for christmas.

Faiza said...

i love reading your friday posts mostly because the happy things in your life almost always have to do with the people you love! <3

happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

This song is helping me get through FINALS!!!

Leesh said...

My mom just sent me a rainbow glitter polish from OPI Muppet Collection. I can't wait to try it.

I love that Rihanna song. When I first heard it, I immediately tweeted to my girlfriend that we need to go to Vegas ASAP to hear the song played in one of the clubs!

sheba said...

love that song too! and glitter anything! you're too cute for words in that hat!

April said...

All of these things make me smile! Love that nail polish, and I bet those pears tasted delicious!!! Lucky girl ;)

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Love the nail polish! I'm totally digging glitter over nude at the moment.

x Jasmine

Lauryn said...

That looks like such a cozy hat! Perfect for the cold weather that's right around the corner for us. And it looks super cute on you!

Hopey you had a great weekend!

Punctuation Mark said...

love that video... she has the best music!!!

Naomi said...

I got my amazing package from my lovely ornament swap partner, Carrie, today! Thanks again for organizing the swap, Micaela!

Belen said...

your mom is adorbs! i love that she decided to make that necklace for you. :D

Anonymous said...

Love the crotchet necklace! So cute!!

missy. said...

the varnish looks amazing. love it.

that hat is darling.

i would LOVE one of those necklaces. you lucky girl you.

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