Saturday, October 6, 2012

a care package swap is my favorite.

during our SF-Anaheim Roadtrip to Angel's Stadium for twinkie

i'm so happy that Ezgi has finally made the jump to blog. She's hilarious, has fancy taste in fashion and dining, and i get to live vicariously through her during her travels (she just got back from Barcelona). Lucky for me, on her last trip to NYC she met up with us in CA to complete the domino five-- most amazing girls' trip! 

She's also one of the most giving persons i know. We decided to do a care package swap when i was looking for eyeliner and she wanted Essie's 'luxxe effect' in pink. 

Ezgi sent Felix the sweetest book and surprised us with this ceramic piggy bank i had in my etsy favorites (thank-you Auntie Ta-Ta!). How cool is that pinhole camera? and thanks to Ezgi, i'm a fan of The Body Shop's eyeliner and will never buy another kind of mascara except Rimmel's Scandal eyes. Thanks to her fancy taste in jewelry, i can't wait to wear the necklace she sent me, especially since i have cleavage for the first time in my life and i have a feeling it will accentuate them. Thank-you breastfeeding and thank-you Ezgi for such a great package xo

I decided to use the nail polish Ezgi wanted as my theme for my care package for her. I thought Emily Schuman's book would be perfect for her love of fashion, decor, and DIY. Also Ezgi mentioned wanting to try more recipes this year and there's always fabulous ones on Cupcakes and Cashmere. We both agreed there's no such thing as having too much stationary (i love the NYC postcards she sent me), so i picked out this notecard set by Emily Hone. The lifesavers were a roadtrip snack of ours and the last two things are favorites of mine: victoria secret cotton panties and popsicle soap from SoapMuch Love.

*Don't forget Lovies, i'm having a giveaway where you can win a pumpkin spice cupcake soap from SoapMuch Love. Details here

A care package swap is my favorite, especially with a dear friend like my Ezgi. 

Be sure to check out her blog View From the Naughty Step (love that name!) and welcome her into the wonderful world of blogging.


Megan said...

I love what you both sent it looks like you cateered to each other perfectly! I havent participated in a swap for ages this definitely makes me think I should join in one soon. Going to go and check out her blog now :)

NYLON Girl said...

You're funny...I have a hidden packet of Swedish Fish in my draw thanks to you. Yum! x

Marissa (treetop nest) said...

Both of those packages are wonderful! I have the same book for my baby, and I'm so in love with that Popsicle soap. Too cute!

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