Thursday, October 4, 2012

i believe in thank-you's.

When i was going through labor, my nurse obviously had never had a baby because she wouldn't have come into my room (as i was clearly in uncomfortable pain) and seriously say, "my arm really hurts. i just got my flu shot." really?! 

but this is not a story about that nurse. 

it's a shame that the nurses during my labor made me feel in the dark. 

but my nurses during recovery? every bit of amazing. 

Two nurses in particular. My day nurse Gloria (above with a day old Felix) showed me the "football hold" when i was having trouble nursing Felix on one side. It was a life saver we still use now. She answered all my silly questions with reassurance that made me feel comforted but more importantly, confident in my new role as a Mama. 

My night nurse Annie i wish i had a photo of, but she was only there the first night i delivered Felix. She gave me countless boxes of cran-apple juice, gave me my first bath to show me how to clean my incision, and because she was filipino-- automatically felt like family. In fact, she asked me what my family called me and from then on, called me Mickey every time she came to check on me. 

These two ladies were such blessings and made this huge transition in my life gentle. 

Since we were taking Felix in for a two week check-up, i knew we had to make a stop on the 6th floor to drop off thank-you cards for Annie and Gloria. We also included a box of my favorite chocolates, ferrero rocher.

I told them that they may not remember me among their many patients, but i would NEVER forget them and the care and attention they showed me and my little family.

We got to see Gloria who remembered Felix's name (which made me feel special and so glad we were there). When she hugged me, she said she would see me in a year when we have a boy. ;)

I believe in thank-you's. I believe in hugs. And that is definitely something i'm going to teach our daughter.


Marz said...

OMG I am so glad I took a picture of sweet Gloria! Look at teeny Felix looks there. Watching you go through labor was one of the most beautiful and nerve-wracking experiences of my life. I am so thankful to have held your hand through it. Your post labor nurses were blessings indeed! They called me Mama Two! Annie was so sweet to bring me an extra bed so I could stay in the room with you and Chip. I will also never forget that moment Annie placed Felix on your chest for your first skin to skin contact and how encouraging and soothing her words were when you nursed for the very first time. Those very first days are the most precious and the most difficult and it helps just to have that reassurance. We couldn't have done it without Gloria! How much simpler she made nursing for you just by teaching you that move. She was better than the lactation consultant! I will never forget their kindness. So sweet of you to give them thank you's :) You've always had the biggest heart and I know your little girl will be the same ;) Love you "mija" (picture it the way Gloria said it haha)

nancy said...

this is so beautiful! what wonderful women you had to support you in this time :) congratulations again and again!

undomestic chica said...

Ok, so I was going to write this nice comment about how cool it was you had good nurses, but then I read Marianne's comment and it made me tear up! I'm so glad you have her for a sister.

CarrieMarie said...

thank you's are so much fun! i have been REALLY lax about my letter writing, cards, gifts, everything lately, and i really miss it. this has inspired me to get more on the ball again!! :D love you!!

Kara said...

This made me smile :) Once upon a time when I was in college, I had to visit the health center on campus for a very unpleasant appointment and actually sobbed to a nurse for several minutes, which is TOTALLY uncharacteristic of me. But she was such a sweet angel and listened to me cry and pet my arm and later I noticed - she had a big, clumpy boot on her foot. She was probably recovering from some painful ankle injury yet still stood there and spent her precious time listening to my woes.

I went back a week or two later and brought her a thank you card, because I'll never, ever forget her kindness during such a bad moment for me.

Claudia said...

Such sweat stories, of course Felix will follow after her mom with such a kind heart!!

Lottie Simm said...

i hope i have such great nurses. they sounds amazing!

and how tiny does felix look.

Phoenix Peacock said...

You are such a sweetie, I love it.
And what a fantastic idea to bring them a little thank you.

Love, love, love

Marissa (treetop nest) said...

You seem like such a sweet person. I'm so glad that you had such wonderful women to support you during such an amazing but scary time!

Rhianne said...

I believe in thank you and hugs too, in fact hugs and kisses more than anything, I wish I could hug you both now, but I'm glad you now have a blanket instead, we'll pretend that its almost as good as a hug right :)xxx

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