Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wanting to Know you Wens.

My guilty pleasure is Hart of Dixie-- i just love Rachel Bilson.  I happily breathed a sigh of relief when it was renewed for another season. Me and Marianne always say we wish we could live in Bluebell ;) I'm Team George and she's Team Wade (Faiza wants you to know she's Team Levon).

Besides Hart of Dixie, i mentioned how thrilled i was to have Dexter back on my Sunday nights. I'm also glad for Grey's Anatomy (and because i don't believe in spoilers i won't get specific but gosh,  the changes!)

A new show i'm loving is The Mindy Project. Besides Dexter, it's the only one my husband will watch with me. I desperately want to be Mindy's friend and thanks to tonight's episode, i can't wait to go dancing again.

Lovies, what shows are you watching? tell me what i'm missing out on below, or if you watch the same shows i do-- tell me what you think of their new seasons so far. 


Belen said...

Eee! I LOVE Psych because of its witty banter, obscure 80s references, and the friendship between the two main characters Shawn and Gus, who are very much like my BFF. I'm Gus, she's Shawn. :)

I'm also currently in love with Once Upon a Time and Grimm because I'm very interested in all the Brothers Grimm storties.

The Mindy Project is funny and I also LOVE Bones and Supernatural.

I know I'm late, but I've been watching Gilmore Girls. I'm in the second to last season. Hehe. :)

Anonymous said...

I really try not to get addicted to shows but I am! I feel like I don't have time so my DVR fills up quickly. Here are my shows:
1. Revenge: The one drama that has caught my attention because of all the twists and turns.
2. Modern Family: You have to watch this. It is by far the funniest show I have ever watched. Plus it has a few Emmy's.
3. The Voice: I try to stray away from reality shows but Adam Levine is so yummy, I got hooked.
4. The New Normal: It's a new show. I watched one episode and really liked it but I refuse to get hooked on another show! :)

Rhianne said...

I haven't seen Hart of Dixie but how adorable is Rachel Bilson, I loved her in the OC.

Dexter!! I'm so excited about that. We're also enjoying new Homeland, Modern Family and I'm waiting for The Good Wife to start over here again (impatiently lol)

Anonymous said...

i love sons of anarchy, dexter, breaking bad, walking dead, revenge (although this season is only "meh"), vampire diaries (season premiere is tomorrow!!!!!)

Claudia said...

I don't watch much TV really, the kids always have Disney channel on but all three of us are hooked Wednesday nights on this Mexican version of Dancing with the Stars. We shower early, get our popcorn and ice cream with lots of whipped cream ready...and my sunflower seeds!!

Today is Wednesday yay!!!

Sarah said...

Oh! I love Hart of Dixie too! And I just love Rachel Bilson as well. I think I'm on Team Wade, who can resist a bad boy?

I also love The New Girl with Zooey Deschanel. I adore her! we also watch Happy Endings & love Homeland!

Marz said...

OMMMGGGG how freaking HOT, SEXY, DELICIOUS was my boy Wade last night?!?! I want him so bad! haha :) Your boy was okay lol I really wish we could meet up for vacation in Bluebell ;) You and Zoe would be BFF's in real life haha

I'm glad Hart of Dixie is on Tuesday nights, because it makes Tuesday nights not feel so empty ever since my "White Collar" summer season finale a couple of weeks ago. We all know that's my absolute favourite show! I love Matt Bomer so much! I haven't felt this way about a TV crush since Denny Duquette...

Which brings me to Grey's Anatomy! I'm like 5 episodes away from finishing season 8 on netflix which means I'll be able to catch up again and watch in REAL time! I haven't watched Grey's in real time in ages! I can't wait ;) I'm so glad you convinced me never to give up on our Seattle Grace peeps ;)

X-Factor baby!! That's my show this fall because of my beautiful girlfriend! I love Brit Brit so much and can't get enough of her faces ;)

Gossip Girl...the season premiere of the last ever season was on Monday, but I have to wait to watch it when mama gets back from visiting you ;) It's our show! And we're still catching up on season 5 haha XOXO

It's so fun to get lost in TV shows :) One of these days I'll watch Dexter and you have to watch White Collar! Love you twinks! xoxo

Lottie Simm said...

i love rachel bilson too--her style, her look--she just seems so nice.

kitten roar said...

GIRL, where do I begin? I have been way too swamped this season with TV shows.

Mondays I love watching the Voice.

Tuesdays, I put my poor DVR into overload to watch The Voice, Parenthood (which you should SO watch as a mommy. it makes me excited to be a parent and it's on netflix!), The New Girl, Teen Mom (guiltiest pleasure), and The New Normal.

Wednesdays, The X Factor! and soon to be next week, my FAVORITE show of them all, AMERICAN HORROR STORY.

Thursdays, Project Runway.

and last but not least,

Friday, America's Next Top Model (I can't quit that show no matter how hard I try.)

Phew. I am a TV fiend :'(

Claire Kiefer said...

Man, I love tv. :)

I still watch Grey's Anatomy devotedly, although I'm wondering how they will keep it up with all the seemingly ridiculous events/deaths/etc. I also watch Private Practice, which I think I love even more than Grey's now.

Tuesday nights are my favorite tv night! Obviously, Sons of Anarchy is first and foremost . . . I look forward to it all week. Parenthood is one of the best shows on tv (start at the beginning--it's on netflix!). Private Practice is on Tuesday nights now, too, and I also watch The Voice! I was up till almost 2 am last night. :)

J. said...

Man, my DVR is working overtime lately:
Mondays I record Gossip Girl (it's the last season!), Mike & Molly, How I Met Your Mother and Two Broke Girls.
Tuesdays I record The New Normal (HILARIOUS!), Sons of Anarchy (of course), Parenthood, The New Girl and Hart of Dixie
Wednedays: Modern Family (seriously, the funniest show ever)
Thursdays: The Big Bank Theory
Add in the occasional Real Housewives, every episode of The Colbert Report, The Daily Show and Chelsea Lately. . . pretty sad, right?!
Oh, and there are a couple of shows starting up in October that will be added. Wow, I have no life!

Alys Hejl said...

Sunday at 7 pm you should be watching Once Upon A Time. I have loved fairytale characters my whole life and absolutely love how the writers have put all of the stories together! Plus it's super family friendly, so you can watch it all together :)))

Coming Home Soon said...

OK, you just nailed my 3 favourite shows. 1. Hart of Dixie ROCKS! (defo a guilty pleasure, which I strangely wrote a blog post entitled a few months ago about the exact same subject!!) 2. GREYS....OMGoodness! And 3. Dexter, well, its also the only thing of the above 3 that my boy will watch with me!
All of the above I have to stream the next day, since I'm not in the US. Its painful trying to avoid spoilers.

So, do you think we were perhaps meant to be friends or something?? haha.

I havent checked out the mindy project but i'm on it now.

I also quite enjoy Homeland as another with the boy. Then there's Modern Family and How I met your mother (which I wish we would find out about already, its getting a bit drawn out if i'm honest!) for easy viewing!

Louise xo

Lauryn said...

Homeland is a great show too, and it's on right after Dexter! I've been getting caught up on Grey's Anatomy lately. My newest guilty pleasure would have to be Married to Jonas though :)

Marissa (treetop nest) said...

I'm always looking for new shows to watch. I haven't seen any of the ones that you mentioned. We only have streaming Netflix, so I'll definitely have to see if I can find any of them on there! My favorite right now is definitely Parks and Recreation. I get ridiculously excited to watch it!

undomestic chica said...

Will you still be my friend if I tell you I don't watch any of those shows?

Gracie said...

I love Hart of Dixie as well! And I have to say that I also love Wade :p
I also love Once Upon a Time, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars (all guilty pleasures). I also like Homeland (which Jason and I still haven't finished the first season). And Downton Abbey as well. x

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Ooh, The Mindy Project! It's my new favourite! So funny... especially the episode at the bar. The nurse in the bathroom, oh my goodness! {and how much do I LOVE the You've Got Mail references?}

I don't think any show will ever replace LOST for me. But I currently really like watching Fringe with Alan, and Doctor Who {now on a break until Christmas}. I love Parenthood, but the newest storyline has me weeping every week. And, way after everyone else discovered it, I am LOVING Downton Abbey. Just finished season 1! It's soooo good.


Leesh said...

Rachel Bilson is gorgeous! I should have started to watch Hart of Dixie but I don't even know what time it's on. What season is it currently on? Maybe I can catch up on it next summer.

I am going to miss this week's episode of Grey's because I am going to be at a work conference. I hope it's a good one!

Micaela said...

i LOVED everyone's comments/suggestions!

leesh, it's on season two -- it's such a guilty pleasure and if you watch the show, you'll understand why. lol

i missed last week's Grey's and will miss this week's too since i'm out of town but it'll give me something to look forward to when i get home :) have a great conference.

Phoenix Peacock said...

you and I are TV soul match made in heaven :)

Faiza said...

the things i would do to levon...

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