Monday, May 3, 2010

Postal Service.

today at the post office, the pretty mail clerk finally asked if i sold things on ebay. ha. I had told Max before that i bet that's what they thought i did. Nope, i just have lovely friends around the world! (and you are indeed lovely!)


^my girlfriend Carrie sent me a copy of her swap CDs (don't you just love the record look?), along with amazing teas, and cute disco beads & lights to go with the theme of her second mix. A mix that included greats like Elvis, Dylan, Elton John, Janis Joplin thrown in with She&Him, Jack Johnson, and Beck. love! Carrie, i hope you're having a WONDERFUL time in my Texas, in the city i love, dallas. If you see Dirk, kidnap him for me? ha

^speaking of trips, Shelly sent me this gorgeous postcard from her trip to Puerto Rico.

^notecards made from fabulous tillie of my favorite quote. She is SUUUCH a doll. I'll brag on her in a post later this week! xoxo

^truly spoiled with great new music thanks to Tiffany's CD swap. (i'll talk about my exchange with my partner later in the week too) Claire is probably closest to me when it comes to music taste. As soon as i saw "9 Crimes" by Damien Rice & "She's always a woman to me" by Billy Joel AND "colorblind" by counting grows AND "this year's love" by David Grey, i knew i would love the rest of her cds and i do! another cutely decorated CD cover. thanks claire! can't wait to talk idol with you this week.

^sweet little hello from Lindsey in NYC & a postcard from Sanja who was visiting her boyfriend in my heaven on earth, italia

^and then this didn't come in the mail but better, we met up in person. This is from Danielle who is just as sweet & as cute as you all imagine her to be. I also got two FABULOUS cd's (don't you love the way she sewed the album covers?) & a bow headband i had been coveting from her etsy shop for like ever. We did a semi-swap and clearly i won out *wink

^my favorite postcrossing of the week came from Holland from a boy called Mickael. He pointed out how similar our names were & that if i loved Art, i would love this Rembrandt. Mickael, you are absolutely right! thank-you.


^i'm a huge fan of birthdays. Jenni's is May 11th so I'm crossing my fingers my little birthday parcel arrives to her in time.

^and also celebrating a birthday this month is Farah (May 28th).

^to sweet L. Nicole & the outside of Farah's birthday gift.

^to tiffany & a CDs for Claire. i hope she loves them as much as i loved hers! below is the decoration for one of the cds i made her. It says "songs for any mood."

^for my twinkie. Her closest pen pal loves cats so i sent her these to send to her postcrossing bestie. Sea horses always make me think of Marianne, so i had to get her this little pocket notebook-it's outside looks like an envelope. Isn't that darling?!

^marianne loves the beach and the sea. Perfectly her!

^and since Passion got my little package of thank-yous for her kindness (that completely blew me away!) i can show you le contents: hand made star wars cards purchased off etsy, liberty for london minnie journal set, fun knee high socks (her favorite), cherry blossom (also her favorite) stickers, art stamps (they had run out at her post office and no letter writer should be without these beauties!!!), and inside the brown box is this ring below. There's a funny story about this pretty ring.

^Passion had posted a etsy wish list that included this ring. When she said she was sending me a Domo doll her mom was crocheting to send to my brother in Iraq, i wanted to get her something i knew she would like. You can imagine how crazy it was when i got the package with the Domo doll AND a bunch of other lovely goodies from Passion that included this ring in purple. Here i was hoping to surprise her and this sweet friend of mine sent me a ring when she bought one in sea green for her. She thought it would cool if we had "matching rings." Isn't that seriously sweet? (passion, i wore it to work today and got SO many compliments! thank-you xoxo)

seriously, i have the most amazing blog friends ever!!! ever, ever, ever!


Tillie said...

the ring is just beautiful!!!! a brag post! oh no! hahahahah im blushing already! you are so sweet miss. I loveeee you xx

Micaela said...

indeed a brag post! :) I'm sending a thank-you your way tomorrow!!!! xo YOU i like! :) amore xoxoxoxoxoxo

i-zilla said...

I'm going to have to visit Danielle's etsy because that bow headband is adorable! I want one!

Claire Kiefer said...

This post is SO exciting. First, that ring is gorgeous, and what a sweet story. I'm sure it means even more now. Secondly, I'm thrilled that you love my cds! That is only going to inspire me to make you more, of course, haha. Third, I can't wait to get mine from you--seeing the package makes me really excited! I am certain I will love them. And last, I got my cds from my "actual" cd exchange partner today, and it was such a little thrill at work . . . I can definitely see how this exchange business becomes addictive. :) XOXOXO to you Micaela!!!

Phoenix Peacock said...

what fabulous mail collection you have going on!

Anonymous said...

you have great blog friends or mail friends!!!! lols to your mail clerk i would have thought that too :)

Erin said...

I got your fabulous "inner child" postcard today when I arrived home from work. It was just what I needed after a long day and a terrible headache... a cup of tea and a sweet postcard from you. Thank you! Sent you a great big letter yesterday. Hope it flies to you quickly.

Gracie said...

You certainly have the best blog friends :) You are the sweetest girl ever with all your beautiful packages. And so thoughtful. It's no wonder everyone loves to send you things!

The headband is adorable and you will have fun with all that new music. Wonderful!

And the matching ring. That is so precious. Wow!

coolboy said...

beautiful ring great post

♥TanyaMarie♥ said...

Everything is so pretty! :)
The ring is indeed really pretty


sanchez said...

Wow thats so amazing that you have so many friends from all over and you exchange gifts. Thats so cute :)

Mia said...

You have such lovely incomings and outgoings :) I read passion's post about that ring, it's so lovely that you thought of each other with the same gift, so alike :)

Megan said...

Oh Micaela, you always have such wonderful mail. I am loving all the mixed cds. I think the music people like is a good reflection of what sort of person they are.
The bow headband is gorgeous!

Faiza said...

love snail mail posts and this one sings a little because of all the music involved. i have to ask... is that your kitchen counter that you take all your pictures on?

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

i love all of your goodies! all of them!!!!!!!

Micaela said...

Claire, i am SOOOO HAPPY to hear that love! :) they are quite fun aren't they? and YES! i looooved your cds. I can't get that line, "But it changed and now it's hard. Not to dwell on memories. I know we'll grow. But we'll never bloom again." LOVE those lyrics!!!! i do so hope you love my cds!

iris, yes you should!!! they are so cute!!! she has some rosebud headbands that are also on my covet list ;) i also love Belen's crocheted headbands-- she just added some bows. You should check those out too while you're on etsy ;)

Erin, me too! your letters are THE BEST. like i'm sitting across from you! :) that postcard i sent had your name written all over it! xo

Faiza you're such a cute girl to wonder that. ha! yes it is my kitchen counter. Max always nods his head at me cos i have to clear away our canisters, coffee rack, and blender to shoot some pictures. my colors are always off cos of the lighting too. btw- my sister wrote me SO excited for your comments. You are such a sweet girl.

LaLa said...

can we be pen pal :( ?

Micaela said...

LaLa, i never say no to pen pals :) of course! it'd be a pleasure.

heartshapedbruise. said...

These posts always amaze me slightly - you must spend a fortune on postage!

Such lovely lovely things though - I literally adore that ring :)

I love getting packages & mail, which is probably why I spend so much time/money online shopping! I never get letters apart from bank statements - which aren't all that exciting..!

Fabi said...

Wow, so much nice mail :)! I would love to get so much nice mail as well ;)! But I will make a mail post later :)! Got some nice stuff as well, but will first show just one *love*!

I love what you got and what you sent.

{ Thy Lady } said...

Wowee that looks fab! I just adore mail! :) Looks like you had a lot of gorgeous surprises in the mail for you! I can say I did too this week *eek!* hurrah for mail!

Cassie said...

I think you are solely responsible for keeping the mail companies in business Micaela!! Hee hee


Micaela said...

heart shaped bruise, sometimes i do spend a pretty penny at the post office but i always reply to any little parcel or letter i get and to me it's def. worth it! it brings me joy to send off letters as much as when i receive something thoughtful. I believe in random acts of kindness! :)

JenRem said...

So I wonder if the post man loves or hates you. I bet it's a combination of both ;)
AND I TOTALLY CAN'T WAIT TO GET THAT PRETTY LITTLE SURPRISE. I may have just squealed a little bit when I saw it. It's so pretty. Maybe I won't ever open it and just stare at the beauty of the packaging forever. Then when I'm 35 (in 10 years) I'll open it and contact you and we'll meet up and it will be amazing. Sound like a plan? ;)
I'm totally just kidding because you know after I photograph it I will be tearing open that bad boy. I love surprises almost as much as I love you :) :) :) :) :)
ps- one week until my birthday so I'm pretty sure I'll get it in time, hehe :)
love you lady xoxo

Micaela said...

Jenni i hope you love it! :) and in 10 years, we'll still be friends... no scratch that-- FAMILY! lol

love you!

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