Monday, May 24, 2010

Postal Service.

wow... how many of you absolutely loved the LOST finale last night? amazing. beautiful. my favorite part? sawyer and the candy machine...

i still can't believe it's the end.


^oh Janette, you make my heart SWOON once again with another sexy Robbie Williams postcard! i met Nettie through postcrossing (she lives in Germany) & we've taken to exchanging postcards still. Isn't it a neat way to get to know someone? she outdid herself again with this beautiful man i have loved since i was 10!

^i always get the cutest handmade postcards from L. Scott

^from a new pen pal Justine (who has a vintage etsy shop btw) & Sophie from Australia

^i won one of lovely rhianne's generous giveaways during polaroid week: this gorgeouspolaroid carnival set from my favourite Diana of City Light on etsy (seriously, i've always been a huge fan! my christmas cards last year all came from her etsy. I'm a City Light groupie) Diana, where oh where did you get the deer tape?! i love it and NEED some. Rhianne, thank you sweet girl for hosting another amazing giveaway!

^another new pen pal Tesra who in her first letter to me said, "i stumbled upon your blog and was working up the courage to write you." Is she not the cutest thing? She sent me along a "cute" (no pun intended) compact mirror, gift bag + tissue paper & a postcard from Michigan. Expect some happy mail your way this week. xo

^another fabulous giveaway win from Caroline. I adore a new book to read and especially those that mean something to another person. I'm sure Max hopes i will learn something too *wink Thank you so much Caroline!!! x

my favourite postcrossings this week:

^Marilyn from Idaho / Vintage Lufthansa airlines ad from Germany

(i've flown Lufthansa before, so i esp. liked this one)


^a thank-you to Cynthia for surprising me with her copy of the book French Milk / thank-you to Kellie (fellow Texan living in Canada)

^vintage postcard L. Scott / to Erin

^to the beautiful Faiza & Megan

^the lovely Bianca got my letter so i can show you what i sent. The stripped socks reminded me of her (and Big Bird as i joked with her *wink) & i loved how she took a picture wearing them! if you want to see beautiful mail art, you should def. check out her page.

^a little hello to my green chic Shelly

^postcrossing to japan from an etsy purchase of postcards made out of old vinyl covers.

my M texted me to say she got my little "i love my bestie" package:

(this card totally made me think of Marisa)

i made her a copy of le CDs. (Max asked me what the "B" stood for... i said "bestie"... duh!)

^a vintage tin that reminded me of her (she loves Austen and period pieces when it comes to films) & when i bought these for my j.crewness giveaway, i got M a necklace too.

i also sent letters to Cait & Steph but my darling fiance mailed them for me before i could snap a pic. (isn't he a sweetheart though?)

ALSO... got a very special package from Claire. She had said she was sending me something that was a little me, a little her, a little us. She couldn't have been more right! for that, this exchange deserves it's own post. Claire, you're some kind of wonderful! xoxo


Erin said...

Is that a Belle and Boo postcard coming my way? Yay!

Megan said...

Oh my goodness Micaela, I really look forward to reading your postal posts each week. I love Diana's postcards too, you lucky chicken!
That Marilyn postcard is gorgeous!
Looking forward to receiving my letter.

Fabi said...

Oh I absolutely love your outgoing mail. I am looking forward to the next mail post, really.

Wonderful cards, wonderful envelopes - wow. :)

Melissa said...

oo i really liked that compact mirror :)

Claire Kiefer said...

You're too sweet. And you're a mailing machine--no idea how you do it all, lady! I'm so happy you liked my package. :) Thank you for your amazing, exciting, and so very sweet friendship. <3

Ria said...

You have such lovely incomings and I'm insanely jealous of all the lovelies who will receive an outgoing from you ♥

Diana said...

ah you are so cute with your mails!!

I'm so happy you love it, I couldn't help but LOL when I saw it was you that won.

As for the deer tape, honestly, I bought a few of them last summer, but they are more common on etsy now, you may find a few more you like ;)
try this link! (not spam! Promise!)

Rhianne said...

I look forward to your postal posts too - though how do you find the time?! I love your packaging too!

I love the phrase City Light Groupie and I'm still so excited that you won :) hurray!

pip a la chic said...

Hey I tagged you in my blog

shelly said...

i am currently reading A Homemade it. very touching book...just like the letter i received from you in the mail yesterday. thank you. so sweet. xoxo

Faiza said...

the polaroid carnival set is so fun! makes me feel way up high just looking at the ferris wheel. so excited to get my doily envie from you too.

happy tuesday friend!

Micaela said...

Erin, indeed it is! :)

Claire, all my thanks goes to YOU honey!!! btw, i can't stop listening to my CDS! azure ray-- i had never heard of them until college and that you know who they are made me adore you even more!!! "stay"--that video ALWAYS makes me cry. I LOVED your package! xo

Diana, ha i bet you did! :) THANK YOU for the link-- i can't wait to get some! x

Rhianne, sometimes just like blogging it CAN be work-- but it's the work that makes you smile when you make the time because how can you not when they have for you, you know? i can't imagine what it must be like to be Bianca though. :)

Pip-- Mucho Gracias!!! off to check it out in a mo :) X!

Shelly, you are so welcome! i just had to let you know i was thinking of you and see how you were. I had been feeling the same way... or so you saw ;)

Faiza, happy tuesday to you beautiful!

Katie said...

LOVE all your mail posts. it must be SO fun for you to check your mail!!!

and um, lost. cried. a lot. i loved it. i'm still confused and feel like a lot of questions weren't answered, but still loved it. i think i'm going to watch it again tonight. and sawyer and the candy machine and juliette!!!! eeeeeee, TOTALLY sobbed!!! loved it all!!! but my question is ... what happened to vincent? ha. i was so worried about that dang dog the WHOLE. STINKIN. TIME.! the mister got to the point that he'd say "kate, vincent's fine. calm down." ha!

Jen said...

Sorry girl, I didn't watch the final Lost. I got way too lost in the beginning!! But I hear it was really good... for those who understood it ;-)

As for those postcards... oh how I love getting and sending postcards! They're actually not very easy to find anymore. I'm trying to find a good on-line site to buy all my postcards.

mina said...

i love that marilyn photo! i am such a huge marilyn monroe fan.

p.s. sarah jessica parker is much more beautiful in person than she is on tv (i don't find her particularly attractive) - she is so professional and eloquent so she won me over and i'm going to see the 2nd movie... plus aiden is in it and he's the only sane character that show ever had!

p.p.s. you need to be on twitter.

Marisa said...

m- you always make my day and make me feel special... having someone know you SO well does that. I took some pics tonight and can't wait to post...

love you

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