Monday, May 31, 2010


a huge thank you to all our men and women of the armed services who don't get a day off of work today or may not enjoy a cook out.

there's one soldier i'm particularly thinking of.
he's serving his third year deployment in Iraq.

ever since he was little he dreamt of flying in helicopters.

today he is flying in black hawks, a brave gunner.

He isn't a soldier first when it comes to me...

He's my older brother Marco, who i miss more than words.

i can't wait for you to come home Marco!!! your family misses and loves you and Thanks God every day for keeping you safe for us. xoxo

(if you wrote my brother -- THANK-YOU-- he sent many of you sweet lovies American flags that flew over the Iraq sky. You can see this in the 2nd picture. All the photographs came from my brother's pictorial diary)


paige said...

this gave me chills! so beautifully written.

my thoughts are with your brother and all the other brave people serving


Marisa said...

Marco is always in our daily prayers. he along with my cousin and all the other amazing men and women inspire me. It is so good to be reminded how lucky we are to have such brave souls out there protecting us.

Annie said...

what a great tribute post!
i'm so very thankful for your brother
and all the men/women who are serving
our country, for everyone!!!
my thoughts and prayers are with your
brother and all others, always.

p.s. hope you had a great weekend lovely lady!
cute pic of you and your brother! :)

Meghan said...

Your brother is one brave man! I am eternally grateful to him & all of the men and women who serve!

Fallon said...

We have the flag your brother sent us in Jakes game room along side the photo he sent of him and his crew. We think about them all everytime we see it. I hope he is due home very soon =)

Karina said...

God Bless your brother and all the men & women who are protecting us. A million thanks to all of them for being brave.


Karina said...

I just send you an email....

Megan said...

Thinking of Marco and your family today.

Maki said...

Praying for your brother's safe return!!!

Erin said...

God bless Marco. I'm praying for his safe return very soon, and flying our Canadian flag (the one from his helicopter!) with pride.

Happy Memorial Day to you. Hope it was a wonderful weekend. Finishing up my letter to you tonight.

much love,
E xoxoxo

carmar76 said...

I'm so thankful for our brothers, fathers, cousins, sisters, mothers, aunts, uncles and friends who fight and have fought for freedom. *HUGS* to your brother and my thoughts & prayers are with all our servicemen and women today and always.


♥Aubrey said... is their day! The day we honor the brave men & women you give/gave their lives for our freedom.
I was lucky enough to get a phone call from my hubs who is as well overseas right now fighting in this war. It was THE perfect day for such a call.
Thank you to ALL service members. They don't hear those words enough.

Ruxandra said...

This is so beautiful.He is a courageus man.You have a reason to be prud of him:)

Phoenix Peacock said...

much love darlin. to you and Marco.

Claire Kiefer said...

So sweet Micaela. Praying for your brother's safety and that picture of y'all is beyond adorable.

Anna said...

that last photo of you two is just so sweet. i have a thank you note to get in the mail to him for the flag. we flew it in front of our house this weekend! as usual, sending positive thoughts yalls way!

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