Monday, May 17, 2010

Postal Service.


^a pretty surprise from steph. Aren't these postcards magical?! to read where you can find these beauties, check out steph's post. I LOVE THEM!!!

^pretty handmade cards from birdie in NYC, lindsey. tres jolie!!! x

^L. Scott always uses the prettiest vintage postage. She recently moved and said that while throwing away some old mags, she saw this ad that reminded her of me and my new job, so voila! a fun postcard. It's giving me ideas for postal mail-- she is always so creative!

^carrie just cracked me up with this postcard. She said knowing my love of sports, this was a must. Carrie promised that one day we'll run up the Philly Museum of Art steps like good ole Rocky, except me in my high heels & her in silver glitter converse. Absolutely!!! i believe one day we shall.

^from cute Erin who said this saucy card reminded her of this saucy post of mine. Ha, i lurve it Erin!!! it had me in giggles. Of course, i always love when any letters to me are addressed as such. *wink


^two postcrossings & a copy of my CD swap for Carrie. Since she loves all things french, i played up that theme & included teas to go with le music (i love "moody" songs as my friend Marla calls them)

^now that Jenni's already 25, i can show you what i got my white sister. (ha) Jenni is such a talented photographer that i got her this fun shirt from The Bold Banana on etsy. If you can't tell Jenni loves bulldogs, and the headband + my favorite brand Soap & Glory make-up wipes are for when Jenni does her aerial yoga. (seriously, in awe of her for that!) psst...! Jenni's holding a fabulous giveaway that involves beautiful photographs from another fabulous lady we adore, Rhianne! check it out.

^Now that Tillie got my little tin parcel, i can show you what i sent. The felt coin purse/wallet was an awesome vintage find and reminds me of shag carpets of the 60's. (til, your sweet little write up touched my heart + your Mama is every bit as cute as you!!!)

^little notebook that made me think of Lindsey (she adores marie antoinette)

^and lastly but always first in my heart-- to my bestie. M, this will be sent off to you manana! THANK YOU for saving me yesterday. For just listening to me and letting me say what i felt out loud. How did i ever get so lucky? love you. xo


Tillie said...

i love you little miss. oh something should be arriving to you shortly i hope. I love all those postcards. Oh boy. Hope you had a wonderful day pretty miss.

Erin said...

Glad your postbox has been filled with so much love! Sounds like you've really needed it...

I can't believe how quickly my postcard got to you. Knew you'd luuurve it though! Will send more soon. I have an entire fab set!


Elaine said...

happy mail!!!

you haven't received my letter yet?!?!? :( i can't believe the postal service is taking such a LOOONNGGG time to send!!!



Fabi said...

I absolutely adore the cards you've send for postcrossing. Wonderful, really.

And so nice mail :)!

Farah said...

Mickey you are such a lucky girl to get this much of mail! LOL ♥

Marisa said...

Pressies!!! I can't wait. I just love how you packaged all of them.

anytime, anywhere... i love you

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