Thursday, December 23, 2010

claire surprised me with this, and now i wanna surprise my twinkie.

Claire saw this on a blog and thought of me. Oh how i love me some Coldplay.

They are the soundtrack of my life. With packing and working, it hasn't truly felt like the holidays, but this song right here helped. I can't help but smile and be moved by Chris Martin.

Marianne, i started screaming at the end....  you'll have to watch to see why. that's for you.

{update: Gary Barlow is the singer who came out at the end. He's my twinkie's "robbie williams." Both guys (my robbie, her gary) started out in the same boyband and she instantly loved Gary. SO MUCH FUN when i saw him come out at the end!}

love. love. love. love.

thank-you claire!


Hello Again Vintage said...

I love me some Coldplay. Claire was so sweet to think of you. And thanks for sharing this. I'm absolutely in the Christmas spirit now!

Claire Kiefer said...

The piano is so beautiful!!!!

Marz said...

The SWEETEST surprise indeed!!!!! I started screaming at work when I saw my love! :) I've fast forward to the 3 min :23 second part 10 times now!!!! ;)
OH EM GEE!!!! I nearly had tears in my eyes seeing Gaz! :) I will forever love Gary Barlow!!! :) He STILL makes me swoon just like he did when we were school girls :)
Thank you thank you thank you Claire and Twinkie!!!! :) xoxo

Meghan said...

This is such a beautiful song! I love Coldplay!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday, sweetie!

Lily Riani said...

coldplay, one of my fav.

Melissa Allam said...

Merry Christmas Micaela. Have a wonderful 1st Christmas as a married woman.

kara lynn said...

you are sweet to link back.

i am still listening to this song post holidays. it is that good.

and i will just keep on listening to it!

happy new year! and i think it's still okay to say that. its not too late!

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