Monday, December 13, 2010

Postal Service.

i am really loving my new address labels from Kumquat Designs. Michelle is amazing and so friendly to work with. (if any of you reading this is an artist, this label design was made to showcase your artwork-- which is just brilliant, isn't it? alas, i did not get my pappa's artistic genes, so i went with my favourite art work) If you need address labels, Michelle is seriously your girl! she's fast, friendly, and her work is always top rate.

^i am loving my christmas cards from all of you. see the deer in the middle? erin was so cute and wrote on the envelope, "ready to open the most perfect Micaela Christmas card?!?" she was exactly right!

^postcrossing from France (and the first one addressed to my married name)

^from Kristina in Slovenia, van gogh postcard from little Zac and the next one from his cousin Lucia (love her name AND the second question she asked me! ha) - Steph's little boy and niece (ADORABLE right?), lovely catch-up from Belen and Caiti.

^audrey postcrossing from Australia

^the sweetest christmas package from Carrie Marie. I just can't get enough of the italian vintage inspired journals, christmas tin or her thoughtful heart. She seriously outdid herself and made my day a happy one!!! xoxo

^hand made postcrossing from russia

i still have a lot of mail to reply to but i'm catching up!

^i giggled when i saw this ornament and immediately thought of claire and the worse beagle ever, their family dog Ignatius. isn't it the cutest!? i can't get over the glittery top hat. 

^a reply home made postcrossing to Russia

^every year me and my bestie Marisa have always exchange ornaments. This year, i got her these vintage two turtle dove ornaments from Very Fine House (love kate's shop!) along with christmas scented soap.

^my old roommate Katy (who moved from TX to San Fran) wanted to join the ornament swap after the deadline and since i didn't have an odd person out, i told her we could swap! i got her this chalkboard ornie from caitiedidesign that even came with a piece of chalkboard (in the little star card). i packaged it in the coffee tin.

^reply to Gracie (can a girl ever have too many lip glosses?)

^and lip gloss for Karolina

^and a christmas something on it's way to Rhianne during a beautiful VA sunrise

and i managed to mail out most of my christmas cards.... whew. Cheers to happy mail!!!


carmar76 said...

this post made me extremely happy. i LOVE the chalkboard ornament & the deer card & oh! your homemade card w/ lil elvis at the bottom. : )

*HUGS* happy mail is the bestest! and better than bills. lol

my name is lauren. said...

you always have the most fun mail and it makes me terribly happy :).

Erin said...

I just KNEW that was the card for you! xo

Karina said...

I love your address labels and really need to get me some!

Life would be so much better if all we got in the mail was only happy mail from our lovely friends : )

The chalkboard ornament - Love!!! I need to go and buy one for Miguelito!

We love you!!!!

Karina said...

P.S.Ha! I just noticed we are still awake...Night owls unite!!!!

Claire Kiefer said...

Yay!!! My beagle is front and center on my tree (and I'm sure Ignatius appreciates the attention). Love him! And he's much less noisy than the real Ignatius. ha!

My goal is to get all my Christmas cards out by tomorrow . . .

And I order from Kumquat Designs too. Love them! I haven't seen those with the canvas and will have to check them out, though I love the most recent ones I got from her!

Rhianne said...

How cute is the dog ornament! So excited about my parcel, teehee :D

Marisa said...

I love my Turtle Doves M... I will post about them this week. I also recevied a couple of amazing ornaments from your momma. Been so behind but wait for it... I love you

Erin said...

I forgot to say... I LOVE that vintage Christmas tin. Gorgeous!

Cassie said...

Yeah for all mail at this time of year. I love waiting to see what the postman is carrying from his van or what is inside our box if I miss him - just hoping the coming snow doesn't halt delivery of Christmas goodies.

What are your plans for your first Christmas a ol'marrieds?

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