Monday, December 6, 2010

Postal Service.

a lot of wonderful mail welcomed me home from texas! i still have lots to catch up on... including sending out my christmas cards. i also got some beautiful ornaments to add to our first christmas tree, but i'll share a post on those separately.  
^sweet wedding cards from erin (who also sent me an "our first christmas together" ornament that i can't wait to show you!), lovely pop up card from maria, and another sweet surprise from Claudia (i loved the Texas envelope seal!)
Claudia also sent me some paper goodies and flower pin. I have really enjoyed getting to know her! i met her when i found her pretty mail shop on etsy for a blog swap. (if you're looking for one of a kind handmade envies, head over to her etsy for sure!)

^i loved the Thanksgiving cards i got from Cynthia, Carrie Marie, and Maria

^speaking of carrie marie, i won a giveaway from her! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that instead of sending me a romance novel, she sent me a "different kind of romance novel", knowing my love affair with The King. I can't get over how sexy he was... beautiful! she also included a pretty bookmark, card, and postcard.
(someone at my wedding told me i resembled priscilla presley with my dark hair and veil. awesome!)

Carrie Marie you are precious!!! xo

^from Hosanna in Machester (she included chocolate candies but i ate them instantly! lol)

^handmade cards from my new pen pal elisse (who said these were her first attempt at making her own cards... a natural, no?) 

^i love the penguin postcard (and this one esp.) from Lauren Nicole! also a lovely letter from Belen and Shelly (who has great taste using this etsy artist's stationary)

lauren also sent me back our traveling journal full of more postcards and pretties:
included was this wedding gift above- aren't these prints amazing? i fell in love with the shoe print when i first saw it so now i'm a happy owner, thanks to L. Nicole's thoughtful heart. xoxox isn't her mail art always so pretty? 

^pretties from Gracie: postcard and LOVE notes that have a magnet to hang on our fridge for me and max + her always enjoyable letter!

^from Karolina in Poland: i love the bow-tied reindeer (her own work!), crochet flower, and pretty bracelet-- my camera couldn't capture it's sparkly detail well. x

^cheese postcard from lauren nicole that wished our marriage happiness and lots of cheese! 

^from celenia in italy who is getting married this month 

 ^don't you love this decorated package from sweet Heather in Chile (who just moved back home, stateside!): Crochet scarf that couldn't come at more perfect timing (it is FREEZING outside and we had our first snow this weekend) + chocolates, a magnet and the sweetest made card. Heather i love it!!!

^the most adorable package from the most adorable girl, Fritzie Marie! apple goodness which warms my heart because she knows how sentimental apples are to me. (pssst... lovies, she's hosting a pretty giveaway! enter here)

^a letter of paper goodies to Bianca who i fancy + a box of my fave kind of pop tarts (i wrote her letter on assorted stationaries-- i love the pin-ups!)

^postcrossing i sent to Belarus

^my reply wedding postcard to celenia in italy 

^belated birthday gift for carrie marie: i was so happy when i saw this birthday card cos she loves turtles! and cards that reminded me of her - the front says, "She's the kind of person who looks at a cloud and says to herself, There's a rainbow coming in just a little while." 

^a thank-you + birthday pressie for my girlfriend back home, Lauren who put the veil in my hair on my most magical day. i love you lo!!! and am SO HAPPY over your recent engagement!

^a thank-you to Wendy for the amazing package she sent me. Wendy is a recent newly wed and as a girl who was excited to be getting married, i had to send her wedding bliss stuff!  the notecards say his & hers and show his and her underwear on a clothesline. I also picked up a monogram doily tote from etsy of the first letter of her new last name. She sent me the photo below of her cat portia playing with it. cute!

^handmade postcard going to chicago (she likes classic films + handmade... voila!)

i do so hope your mailboxes are as happy as mine always is! seriously, thank-you so much for all your love letters. they always make my day!!! xoxo


Cole said...

You always get & give such wonderful mail!

Fritzi Marie said...


You deserve lots and lots of happy mail. You are so wonderful and amazing.
I am in love with those pin up girl cards. So cute!

love love,

bklyn76 said...

such pretty pretty mail! the traveling journal reminds me of what my bff and i used to do in high school. we lived down the street from each other but went to diff high schools so we both kept running diaries and just traded them when we saw each other. they are hilarious! filled with NKOTB, bubble letters and glitter!

Erin said...

Em and I have a "circle journal"... I need to write in it and get it sent off to France toute de suite!

Glad you got my card so quickly! And I'm even happier you love the ornaments.

carmar76 said...

you made my postbox VERY happy, missy (missusy?)!! i love that you share all your outbound mailings as well as incoming. i never remember to take pictures of my outgoing things! lol

*HUGS* love!!

Claudia said...

Happy Mail is too fun! Your mailbox must also be happy!

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