Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ornament Swap Showcase!

last week i showed you the ornament i sent out and received in my ornament swap with erin

i couldn't wait to see what you lovies sent and received!

^from Claire to Lauren : i love that we have matching deers (claire's sister kate sent me one. i love those Kiefer girls!)

top two: what lauren sent claire - anthropologie goodness! 
bottom two: claire was kind to play along with  my little sister (who doesn't blog and since the rules were must have blog, claire partnered up with maddie so she wouldn't be left out. seriously, love me some claire). Maddie sent a TEXAS ornie & a heel for a girl who loves them!

^to Emily in France from Krista in Georgia. i love the vintage goodies!

^to Erin from my twinkie Marianne : she found a frenchie ornie that looked just like Erin's olive! (is her dog not the cutest?!)

^what erin sent marianne  couldn't have been more perfect! i don't even know how she managed to find a seahorse ornament but i'm glad she did because look at twinkie's smile! i love how erin even picked out a beach card to go with the ornament. This was both their first time to join a swap -- which is hard to believe since they got each other perfectly!

^speaking of my seesters, this is what Claire sent to my little sister maddie who loves owls. 

^birdie to Kim from Lauryn (don't you love how it matches her tree?)

^pink delights to Kitty from Diana (Kitty said she thought it was funny Diana sent her a gift that triggered such powerful memories from her youth-- the only time Kat stole as a child was of something Hello Kitty! of course she returned it but has been obsessed with HK ever since. i love these little stories of youth)

^hence the sparkly ornament to Diana from Kat (i still wish for a pink christmas tree)

^Lacey in California sent Lacey in Georgia "sweet treat" ornaments // Lacey in Georgia sent Lacey in California a digital ornament she filled with her (CA Lacey's) wedding photos. *whew, i hope that didn't confuse anyone! i'm not the best at explaining things obviously!

^to Brittan from Emily

^to Sheba from Erin (j'adore those elephants!)

^to Erin from Sheba (Sheba wrote in her card, "because what else says Christmas more than Santa?") It was made in India from recycled pop tins (her heritage is Indian,  and as erin says "making it a perfect fit." beautiful!)

^to Amanda from Jenn

^to Carin from Kelly (who has little ones-- is that a snowflake with a message from them i spy? adorable!)

^to Connie from Yiota (in Greece) : Yiota made the card and also sent along salt dough ornaments she made herself with help from her son.  i love that!

^glittery ornaments to Jess from Caroline

 ^to Lisa from Carrie Marie 

^to Karina and Migueltio from Steph and Zackary (i love that their little boys swapped with each other! and i want one of those sock monkeys lol)

^few of the goodies they sent Steph and Zackary
^to Nic from Ryan (both share a love of pomegranate martinis)

^one of the ornaments Rhianne got from Karolina 

^to Summer from my girlfriend Lauren. these beautiful ornaments have special meaning to Summer that made me cry. Read her post here.

THANK YOU to everyone who played along and sent in photographs xoxo you're stellar!

if you didn't get a chance to send in a photo but blogged about it, please comment with your link cos i'd love to check it out! {thank-you!} it makes me smile that through my little ornament swap we shared christmas cheer and memory. 

i love hosting this swap and already can't wait to do it again next year! x


Claire Kiefer said...

It's so fun looking at these and how perfectly we were all matched. Love these ornaments! And these girls! Thanks for hosting my favorite swap ever--I love both what I sent and received. XOXO!

prac, schmac said...

aw very cute. too bad my swap partner was a dud!

Karina said...

Christmas - yay!!!!!
You have to love this holiday season so many gorgeous ornaments : )

Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful swap mi dulce amiga : )
I'm already excited about next years swap!

Love you xoxo

P.S. I feel so bad for not sending my pics, it's the first time I didn't join in the fun : (

Hello Again Vintage said...

Awwe. They're all so pretty and thoughtful. I wish I found your blog earlier. I would have loved to join. But there's always next year. :D

Happy Holidays!

myjoyproject said...

Wow so fun! I tried to send you my pics but for some reason I couldn't send them to your gmail addresses... not sure why...

My ornament from Glenda was wonderful!!! A gorgeous Christmas Fairy to make all my family's Christmas wishes come true :)

ox Kelly

carmar76 said...

argh! w/ everything going on, i forgot to send it to you. it's not a very good picture, but i LOVE the beautiful ornament, w/ handmade tags!, lisa sent. :)

all the sweet ornaments are amazing, and everyone did such a great job picking them out!!

laura said...

so much festive holiday goodness! thanks for sharing :)

Phoenix Peacock said...

it looks like everyone put so much thought into the swap so that each ornament was PERFECT for the person. how cool is that?!

Rhianne said...

I love this swap! I should have taken a photo of what I sent to Karolina, it was amazingly cute :)

I saw a seahorse ornament the other day randonly after wondering as well where Erin found hers for Marianne...

It will be this time next year before we know it! x

April said...

Next year I WILL get to participate. Can't wait to send you yours though when I get home WHICH IS IN TWO DAYS OMG

{BlueEyedYonder} said...

Micaela - Thanks so much for hosting this awesome, awesome swap. I absolutely adore my swap partner. I was giddy to find out she lived in FRANCE!

I posted pictures of her lovely ornament on my blog. The ornaments are from a marketplace in Budapest. I'm in love with them!

Claudia said...

Oh everything it's so pretty! Maybe next year I'll be brave enough to enter...I was afraid I would disappoint somebody out there! :(

Connie said...

I love seeing what everyone sent/recieved, and I can't wait to join again next year!

Kristin said...

Soooooooo many darling ornaments! Love the San Fran one! I think I need to pick a few up for my girls!

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