Monday, December 20, 2010

Postal Service.

Package from my beautiful bestie M!!! i love her wrapping.
This year's ornies from my best friend: glittery eiffel tower and ruby red high heel. perfect

I want to hang this over our bedroom door. 
This sweet little book is from M's daughter Kenzie who is just precious!!! I just adore her.
i love you more than words Marisa!!! 

^a GORGEOUS wedding gift L. Nicole made for us. Max loved it so much he suggested i use it as my blog header (isn't he the most supportive husband?) Lauren painted this beauty with such love and detail-- the post stamps have places i've lived and loved -- she had some that were open to add for where we should live in our years together. love love love <333

she also sent these lovely postcards! <333

^all the above spoils came from Phoenix. Isn't she amazing to send so many handmade cookies? (i love those tins!) let me tell you, they didn't last long in the Maxham household-- they were delish! {i'm currently listening to the holiday music she sent me} if that wasn't enough, she also included a pretty glass candlestick holder for my collection and a beautiful art print. My heart is full, thank-you Phoenix! x

^pretty postcard from Celenia in Italy who got married Dec. 11th! congrats amica x

^the beautiful ornaments Katy sent me in our ornament swap with chocolate and a doggie christmas card i lurrrve! esp. since the two butterflies signify "marital bliss." 

^another beautiful wedding gift from my girlfriend Steph. Perfect for one of our wedding photos!

^don't you love the wedding card and gift Kary sent?  her letters/packages are always put together with so much love! the stocking turns over to say "nice," a crystal wish garden, ELVIS ornament (love!!!), nutcracker soap, she shared the secrets of a "newly weds survival guide" (adorable!) and these "Yes Dear!" pills that Max may have already used. ha! i think Karina knows what she's talking about-- her and her handsome husband just celebrated 7 years of marriage bliss! i love you Karina y Miguelito xo

^a really top letter from Becca in Australia (we met when she sent me a postcrossing). Such a beautiful letter full of Audrey Hepburn postcards and a fun article with a heart paperclip. Every bit of it-- beautiful.

^postcard going to Becca.

^the little thank-you i sent sandra for the gold heart ornament she sent me : handmade keychain from fallon's shop {it was on sandra's wishlist!} and a candy cane bone for Candy, her adorable dog.

^the so very her ornament i sent erin this year

^book of pin-ups for Kat and candy cane bone for baby bono

^what i sent lauren for her birthday at the end of last month including a Dear Victoria Ring and Vintage Postage Stamps from her etsy faves.

i also sent out Christmas packages (some going out tomorrow-- i'm so swamped lately with work and other things i can't wait to tell you about tomorrow... exciting news!) and to share what Claire sent me for Christmas! i hope your mailboxes are just as happy and loved as ours always is thanks to my darlings. xo 


Fritzi Marie said...

Dearest Micaela,

Bono Baby and I loved loved loved your sweet little package. Bono B. was so cute walking around with his candy cane sticking out of his little mouth. I have big plans to decorate my bathroom with the pin ups. Thank you so much for thinking of us. You are so thoughtful and your gift made our week. I love pin up's.

I'm working on a New Years pagage for you.

I can't wait to hear what the "news" is.

love love,

carmar76 said...

everything is so cute! love the elvis ornament especially, and those heart postcards? <3!


you get the prettiest mail! be expecting some from me soon! i feel so bad i haven't had the chance to write you back lately :(

Karina said...

I'm so happy you loved our little package dulce amiga ;)
Miguelito had so much fun decorating his Grinch ornaments!

I have no doubt that your abuelito was a very sweet person and I am sure that I would have loved him!What a beautiful thing to have such cherished and sweet memories of your querido abuelito ;)
Aren't conchas the best - especially pink ones ;) Oh my now that is some happy and very tasty happy mail ;) to get some conchitas in the mail!!! Delicioso ;)

I've snapped so many silly pictures of Edward - Hehe!!!
He now sleeps between Humbe and me - lol!!

Love you xoxoxo

Claire Kiefer said...

The packages and card from Marisa are beeeeeautiful. I love them! So very pretty. And what thoughtful gifts to and from Lauren.

Excited for you to share your news with the world . . . and especially excited about next Friday!!!!!

Natalie Suarez said...

great post! and i love audrey hepburn so so much! she is amazing! :)

Megan said...

As always I love a peek into your mailbox! I really need to do a mail post, hopefully tomorrow. That red high heel ornament is just perfect for you as are all the other lovely pieces of mail.

Claudia said...

I bet you get more Happy Mail than

xoxo Dear Micaela!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

love love love all you have sent out and received! you are one lucky girl.

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