Saturday, December 11, 2010

i'm an ornaments girl.

truly i believe ornaments make a great christmas pressie because not only are they pretty, but they're memories.

here's some pretties i got this year from my dearest friends: Claire's sister Kate sent me the pretty reindeer (i had fallen in love with it at Very Fine House), the blue jay and intricate egg are from Faiza who loves her Toronto Blue Jays (a reminder of our shared love of baseball!), the carved owl is from joel who wrote on the bottom "maxham 2010," the heart of gold is from sandra, and the post card to the north pole is from Rhianne

sweet Erin sent us the most perfect vintage "first christmas" ornaments to remind us of our first christmas as husband and wife.

my girlfriend Jessie gave us this beautiful carved snowflake ornament as a wedding gift.

truly, i have the kindest friends!

speaking of ornaments... tonight me and husband decorated his parent's christmas tree while they are out of town. i fell in love with the ornaments max made when he was just a darling boy. I love that his mama kept them and kinda wanted to kidnap them for our tree. Alas, since that isn't very christmassy, i snapped photos to show you!

aren't those adorable? the one above says 1983. {i took all opportunity to tease my husband and say that i was born a year after he made this glittered ornament!}

max has one older sister and he said every other year they'd get to hang up the angel tree topper-- it was a big deal. Guess who got to do it this year? yup... it was pretty special.
remember this ornament i sent his family last year? (read max's guest post about it here)

indeed, i'm an ornaments girl completely.

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ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Cute ornaments! =)

Claire Kiefer said...

Okay this is so sweet. As are all your ornaments! I love them!

{ I V Y } said...

these are so cute. the deer! <3

April said...

I'm a big ornament fan, too. I've been kidding my mom that the only thing I've bought while I was in England is Christmas ornaments. It's ridiculous.
I have ornaments like that, that I made in kindergarten. One is a Rudolph made out of a paper fan. It's pretty schweet.. haha.

Cassie said...

Your ornament is safely on our tree after we got ours yesterday - he is joined by two new drummers this year but I have a little tag on him so that I will always remember he was a gift from you!
Hope your weekend is fabulous.

Faiza said...

you definitely are an ornaments girl! and you deserve all the love and light sent your way!

Karolina said...

I love christmas time, thanks for sharing the ornaments :)


Erin said...

Love your ornaments. I'm so glad you like the ones I sent. And that little vintage card with the wedding bells just went perfectly, didn't it?

Don't you just love how the Christmas tree is alight with so many happy memories?

Elisse said...

I love the old school ornaments! Makes me think of the ones I made for my parents when I was in preschool! I hope Mom still kept them!

Rhianne said...

I love decorating other peoples trees and looking at what they have - thomas's parents have the most amazing ornaments :)

Medical Librarian said...

How sweet!

And now I'm itching to get a little crafty with Maya to have ornaments to treasure in the future. Thanks for sharing!!

Anna said...

awe i love that you decorated their tree! so sweet + exciting to see all those sweet handmade ornaments!

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