Wednesday, December 8, 2010

my 2010 Ornament Swap:

dear ornament swappers, i hope by now you've received your ornament or at least have heard something from your partner and agreed to extend the mail out date together, which is fine. If you have any problems, please let me know!

i couldn't love my ornament more. I was paired up with Erin of C'est La Vie, who has such a cute blog- of course she would send me a most wonderful Christmas package! 

Inside the pretty smelling tea tin was this little one. I love her -- she fits so perfect with my other deer ornaments. 

I mean even her Christmas card to me was perfect... vintage ephemera & dogs! plus these italian inspired gift tags.

As if that wasn't enough, Erin also sent me a copy of her favorite book. I just love what she wrote me inside the cover. (once upon a time, i was burned on a book swap that i was looking forward to... i told erin she made up for that too without even knowing it. lovely!) 
and here's the girl reindeer who's already found her happy home on our first christmas tree. Thank you so much Erin!!! xoxo

here's what i sent Erin:
For her ornament, Erin said her tree was silver (oh what i want!) so i went in search on etsy for something that would stand out on silver and found this one from Frost Studio. A sweet Christmas embroidery. 
and then while at my favorite antique shop downtown, i spotted these crab earrings and immediately thought of Erin! her favorite coffee mug was a crabby one that she shared on our virtual coffee date because she collects all things crabs. i remember thinking that was such an odd thing to collect, which is what i love finding out about people (the random things!)

An early Christmas treat! i truly believe this swap is special because every holiday now you'll have a memory of random kindness -- and you'll know that it does in fact exist in the world.

So for next week... those of you who have received your ornament, please send me a photo so i can do an ornament showcase.

***Please include your blog link & the blog link of who sent the ornament to you*** + the photo to my new married email

i'll show off your ornaments next wens. on my Dolce Vita! 


Claudia said...

I love your new married email! :) too cute!

Erin said...

:-) It looks so perfect on your tree!! I'm so glad that we were paired up; this was wonderful. And, I'm wearing the fabulous crab earrings as I type. I love them.

Claire Kiefer said...

I can't wait!!! I haven't done a post yet cause I haven't gotten Maddie's package but I will happily show off Lauren Nicole's and those that I sent out. I loved this swap so much--my favorite yet I think--and I especially love it now that I have my very own tree. :)

Erin said...

What a sweet little reindeer. I can't wait till you get my Christmas card... ;)

I'm very excited about the ornaments I sent and can't wait for my partner to receive them. And I'm so happy you got the ones I sent you already! Hurrah for holiday post!

Oh, and your new married email? Awesome.

Megan said...

I love this swap Micaela, that little reindeer you received is so cute! I cant wait until my partner gets mine I hope she likes it!
Love for the new email ;-)

carmar76 said...

this swap was so much fun, thank you for hosting!! : )

the deer is so sweet, and i have to check out that etsy shop you mentioned. i wish i could make stuff like that! hee!

Cole said...

I love your deer ornaments!
And your married email makes me feel bad that I haven't switched mine over yet :( I need to be more on the ball.

Cole said...

Oh, and I wanted to let you know that I'm hosting a package exchange starting tomorrow!

Woohoo for package exchanges!

Erin said...

My partner got her ornaments yesterday and I am thrilled beyond words that she loved them as much as I hoped she would! (and thank goodness she got some good photos, because I somehow forgot to take any!)

Love this swap, Micaela. Love you, too!

Kimbirdy said...

yay! i'm emailing you my photo right now.

Gracie said...

Pretty pretty pretty! What sweet ornaments you girls gave each other! And the little extras too! Beautiful!

I love everything you sent each other.

I can't wait to share my ornaments I received. Very pretty vintage baubles! x

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