Saturday, October 29, 2011

happy things to end the week with.

♥ there is nothing like starting the morning with pb + bananas on toast, drinking coffee out of my elvis mug while listening to my favorite elvis song {april, your elvis halloween costume is fabulous! i can't wait til you post photos on your blog}

♥ as you know, my bestie's birthday was this past sunday and i wanted to share two things i got off etsy for her. To me, there's nothing like supporting artists:  the jane austen quote from Pride & Prejudice speaks our heart and i love it as a hand stamped pendant for a necklace from Design By Any Other Name // i love these upcycled vintage spoons from sycamore hill (i got this one for darling husband on his birthday) -perfect for any coffee lover.

♥ i'm so proud of my girl claire who passionately contributed to this series. Please read more about it here on her blog (and then tell me how you can't help but want to get it asap!)

♥ sigh... It was a devastating Game 7 last night (in which i selfishly prayed to God and vowed to do anything for my team to win) and although me and my husband didn't get to wear our Wash shirts while Doing The Wash for the Championship title, i still love my Texas Rangers!

♥ Happy Halloween weekend! tonight we are dressing up as the above (yup, i talked my husband into being Batman to my 1960s Catwoman!) and going out with my co-workers -who are dressing up as fellow Batman villains- to this patio bar called "Hope & Anchor." i can't wait!

Happy Friday Lovies!!! what happy things are you ending the week with?

+please leave a link below if you do post-- i'd love to share in your happiness xo


Meghan said...

I ordered Claire's book a few days ago and it's on the way! I cannot wait to read it!

ty said...

So no lie, I clicked every single link you posted. I'm buying a necklace and the book.

Thanks :)

Claire Kiefer said...

Thank you sooooo much for posting about the new Voice of Witness book. :) You are so supportive & such a good friend--I love you!! The gifts you got for Marisa are perfect, of course, as is the wrapping (everything you do is so thoughtful and deliberate). I was so sad to get your text about the Rangers last night, but you should be proud that your boys made it this far two years in a row!

Katie said...

Mickey - Soooo sorry to hear about the Mavs. So heartbreaking, even for me, a short-term fan in India. I can't imagine how rough it was for you! Still, those shirts are amazing and will be used when they take it NEXT YEAR.

Thanks for sharing Claire's book! It looks great and so informative.

Volume Two said...

Oh you are just wonderful. Elvis. Delicious. This post made me smile sweetcheeks.

Elisse said...

Happy weekend! Can't wait to see pics of you and your darlin' hubs in your Hallowe'en get up!

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