Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sharing Sundays... sho & tell.

I'm so glad this beautiful blogger decided to go public because i love her sho & tell for so many reasons:
advice found in graffiti 

that anything by Roald Dahl is among her favorites

inspiration (especially the above)

clearly, i wanna spend a lazy sunday with her

it's pretty obvious why Shoko is my blog crush, no?

blog : sho & tell


Megan said...

Oh she looks and sounds adorable, heading over there now.

April said...

Uhhhhh, she's too pretty!!! haha Love all these things she loves so I'm sure I'll love her! :)

Shoko said...

So sweet! Thank you so much!

Jihee said...

aww love all the things you posted! must head over there asap!

Heather said...

What an adorable blog.

:) I love 'meeting' new bloggers!!


Felicia said...

Love her blog. Thanks for sharing!

kimbirdy said...

i love discovering new blogs, especially fantastic ones like this.

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