Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wanting to Know you Wens.

i have celeb crushes. There's the forever crush (as in i still would marry him variety) in Robbie Williams and Penelope Cruz, who i call my girlfriend. 

it's fun to get slightly obsessed. My twin sister Marianne is more than slightly obsessed with last season's Texas Rangers Ace Pitcher C.J. Wilson (fingers crossed he stays in Texas!). So much so, she joined twitter just to read his tweets.  

the other day i get this phone call from a very excited twinkie saying that they had tweeted each other!!! as in THE Cj Wilson, her celeb crush, had replied to one of her tweets about working out after turkey day. Proof: 

A hot guy she loves talking about working out? a big deal. {I love seeing his twitter name and her name}

i think i would melt if Robbie Williams ever replied to one of my tweets.

who's your celeb crush? have you ever had a celeb reply to one of your tweets? i wanna know! please share below xo


wfayew said...

Isn't the celebrity appeal why ALL of us join Twitter?

Chris Lambton (of the Bachelorette) replied to a tweet of mine...and then read my blog where I obsessed over him. And then we had dinner in Boston. No big deal.

Travis Wall, one of my favorite dancers, replied to a tweet of mine the day after he tweeted something to the effect of "I don't reply to tweets because I get so many but I appreciate all of you." Boom.

I love Twitter.

whateveryousay said...

None of my celebrity crushes have "real" twitter accounts-no certified check mark! But I have a crush on Wentworth Miller. Who? You might be the sexy man from Prison Break.

On another note, my friend is obsessed with Dr. Drew and he has tweeted her a few times.

Not to crush anyone's twitter dreams, but is it really them or their publicist?

No excuse me, while I try to go found some other celebrities to stalk on twitter.


Claire Kiefer said...

I was SO EXCITED for Marianne when CJ tweeted her!!! She texted me and said, "Claire, I am literally shaking and crying!" SO CUTE. :) I'm thrilled for her and simultaneously jealous. I've tweeted at Lance Moore (of the Saints!) a few times but he's never replied. :( I have never tweeted at Drew Brees. But this inspires me to start!

I'm pretty sure Sophia Bush indirectly responded to me one day. :) The day of the Troy Davis execution, I tweeted "Please RT @SophiaBush!" with a tweet about Troy and calling the governor, and right after that, she tweeted what I'd sent. But she didn't "@" my name so I can't be positive it was in response to me, haha.

I've also tweeted at Bachelor Ben a few times to no avail. I gotta be a better twitter stalker!

The Childlike Empress said...


my sister was once a waitress at an event that my celeb crush (will young british pop star) was at.
he stopped and told her how beautiful she was....

personally i feel gutted that it wasnt me!

plus the other day she was working out at the gym and arnold schwarnegger happened to be there and told her she had an amazing body...

again, she came home to tell me as she knew i would be way more excited than she was....

Leanna Vera said...

I was watching a marathon of The X Life on Vh1 one day when I tweeted about how gorgeous I think Pierre Luc Gagnon is...he totally called me out on it. AWKWARD CITY

Abby said...

omg. That is awesome!
My celebrity crush is Scarlette Jo. I think she is so gorgeous & talented. My latin celebrity crush is William Levy..DROOL! & after seeing crazy, stupid, love..I am so in love with Ryan <3 SIGH!

carmar76 said...

i have too many celeb crushes to list - you know of my mark harmon obsession, tho. : )

oooh, but when i was in high school, my FAVORITE author actually wrote me back, and we kept up in letters for years. come to think of it, i haven't heard from her in awhile, i should send her a christmas card to check in! : )

Megan said...

Oh I saw this on your twinkies blog and it made me smile. How cool that he replied!! My celeb crush is Kim Kardashian haha would love to get tweeted by her.

Rhianne said...

i tend to go through phases, right now its Jim Sturgess... I even had a dream about him the other night haha

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