Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Postal Service.

i was in need of some new address labels. I just purchased these off Kumquat Designs. What do you think?


^delicious chocolates along with Hosanna Lee's first letter to me. (i love her name!) She lives in Abu Dhabi (SATC fans, ahem) but sent me a hello from Manchester where she was studying. I love the map envelope!

^a sweet catch up note from Elaine

^a book from Laurnie (generated from this awesome post of hers- there's still some awesome books to be had!) //  the funniest little card from Lindsey in NYC that says, "Mauve was peeved. Her 3:30 yoga class was full again. Didn't anybody work in this town?"  i giggled! //  always a great letter from Belen // and a sweet card from Courtney- my real life friend from Texas who moved to Oregon and is a new mommy to the most beautiful baby girl.

^my favorite postcrossings: italian woman from Washington // a Berndston from Finland with a lovely message.


i realize i never showed you what i sent in Pip's accessory swap. I got fellow beautiful Texan Holly. I went to one of my mecca's (Target) and picked up a b&w clutch/wallet that reminded me of her blog title, the Lace Masquerade, a headband, and a 80's madonna-esq necklace.

^boots postcard for Erika & true love one for Cole. i think diana's lingerie print went to Holli as a thankyou for my etsy purchase.

^Beautiful Faiza got my little package & wrote the sweetest thank you. 

^card to courtney (court- i ordered you something off etsy for zoe & I CAN NOT WAIT til you get it! the lovely etsy seller is going to send it directly to you with a note from her "auntie micaela"-- it's precious!!!) // postcard to lindsey that reminded me of her.

^reply to Sophie in Australia // Justine

^Postcard to Netti in Germany (who loves comics)  //  reply to Tesra 
^reply to Belen (who once wrote a "dear future husband" post regarding the film i put on her envelope) // postcards for Summer going to her new NYC apartment! Summer- i promise there's no erotic postcard in there *ha!!! inside joke* // reply little parcel to Hosanna

^a postcard i made L. Scott (even though she doesn't share my love for BIG) i just really love this photograph of my favorite fictional couple.

oh, how i love hand written letters. 

the end.


Megan said...

Another wonderful postal week. I love the quote that was on the pen you sent Faiza. The clutch you sent for the accessory swap is gorgeous.Mine hasnt arrived yet but I am excited for when it does!

Erin said...

Oh how I love handwritten letters too! Got the Belle and Boo postcard today when I arrived home from work... LOVE! Promise to send your letter off tomorrow. It's loooong.

e xo

Tillie said...

I am working on something most lovely to send to you beauty!! I hope that you are good. xoxox

Phoenix Peacock said...

what a happy mailbox you have!

Laurnie said...

I hope you enjoy the book! I left you something here :)


Tara Gibson said...

omg that last big carrie card is fab! i love hand written letters!

The Socialite said...

I love this uber girly exchange, so cute! :)

ps. I ADORE Big! ;)

Nicole Leigh said...

omg! i love that picture of carrie and big! i need it! haha


Erin said...

I finished it tonight instead and drove to the post office in the rain to mail it. It'll go out with the first mail pick-up in the morning. Hope it gets to you soon!

PS: I'm glad you liked the Jack & Hurley photo. Sigh... LOST should be on right now!!!

carmar76 said...

I think I have postbox envy!! But in a good way. : )

Joining the love for that last card, too!

Claire Kiefer said...

Once again I spotted a LOUIS CANNIZZARO postcard--one of my favorite artists EVER--can't believe you know him and we haven't discussed this!

heartshapedbruise. said...

Cadburys Giant Chocolate Buttons? YUM!
I love that black & white bag - so pretty :)

Some gorgeous things here, as usual.. You're so generous!


Farah said...

Micaela! Thank you so much for the birthday gifts! I really loved them. And I finally did a post about it! Love you girl xoxo

Fabi said...

Wow, wonderful incoming and outgoing. I love the mail you are sending. :)

The postcard with Carry and Big is amazing.


Faiza said...

another happy mailbox...LOVE IT!

Marisa said...

those labels are so you!

Love the Carrie and Big postcard!!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

WONDERFUL! Love love love.

Cynthia said...

you alays get the best goodies :) I love the carrie and big postcard you made

did you see the movie yet, I going to see it tomorrow I can't wait!

sent a postcard your way hope you get it soon!

Lauren Nicole said...

oh dear...i am so in love with that postcard, i CANNOT wait to receive it!! thanks so much m. :] of course, all your mail is gorgeous, i really love that postcard you sent linsey(?), where do you find such amazing postcards?! <3 <3
- L

Micaela said...

Megan, don't you love having something to look forward to in the mail? i hope you love your accessory swap :)

Erin- i HAD to send you that Belle and Boo postcard :) speaking of can't wait til something comes in... that's how i already am with your letter so grazie for going out in the rain for little me *wink i am LOST without LOST cos Grey's Anatomy is off for the season. le sigh.

Tillie, you spoil with your mails so i can't wait!!! *big smile* i have fun writing you!!!

Laurnie, you are TOO kind!!! lovely! THANK YOU!!!

Nicole Leigh, isn't it THE BEST!?!?!

Claire- it IS crazy we haven't!!! i'll remind you in my reply email. xoxoxo GA SOON!!! lucky duck!

Cynthia, i can't wait to hear what you think! OF COURSE i have ;) shame on me for not writing about it yet!!! i'm late on the game lol

Farah, recent birthday girl- i'm sorry i've fallen under a rock and didn't reply to your email about getting my little gift but i am SO glad you got it before your birthday (it was my hope!!) and that you liked it :) you are too sweet with what you said about it. I'm sure the colors and earrings look BEAUTIFUL on you! (because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!) your brother cracked me up-- yes we really talk like that LOL *blushing* It's going to be a great year for you! i know it. xoxo

L. Scott i was worried about sending it at first LOL truth be told! but i'm glad i did :) seriously-- you ALWAYS send the prettiest mail art, i thought i would attempt something just the same. and the postcard i found for lindsey was actually at a local bookshop sale. Isn't it gorgeous?

Anna said...

oh how i love the new address labels! my bff is getting married in october and one of her inspirations and themes is peacock! i think i'll have to show these to her for all the thank you cards she'll be mailing out!

also love love the carrie+big post card you made!

Courtney. said...

I love snail mail so much. I had a penpal from France for ten years and we still talk and have plans to meet. I would love another pen pal, so if you're interested, comment on my blog or send me an e-mail? :)

kaileenelise said...

hello pretty lady. it's been too long ;) i adore the address labels you ordered. so chic. i adore snail mail, too! your postal service posts are so delightful. and they warm my heart since my mister's daddy is a mailman. xo, ♥kaileenelise

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