Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Friend Swap.

something about me (as if it wasn't obvious) : i love swaps! I joined a bunch in the past few months and have been meaning to show them off every saturday. i thought i'd share the most recent swap exchange.

Passion over at Crystalline hosted the New Friend Swap (swap plus a pen pal? I'm in!) I got paired up with Nicola at Something I heard today in Scotland. We wrote a paragraph about ourselves & what we liked & had to put together the perfect package based on that. I think Nicola got me fabulously! first off, i loved the heart tissue & gold ribbon.

assorted postcards (my fave), bow headband, bird journal with heart stickers, a necklace made by her boyfriend's mom (which i just love! the piece & the sentiment), a fabulously so me gold purse with a floral change purse inside with sparkly nail polish and-- as Nicola wrote --a wee coin because in Scotland it's bad luck not to include a bit of silver with it. I LOVED everything! her note (in the comic made envelope that also included a bag of Jasmine Blossom Tea) was just as lovely. Thank you Nicola!!! xo

When we initially sent emails, i was going through a pretty tough time. Nicola was so sweet to say that if i needed to bow out of the swap in order to take care of myself first, that she'd completely want that for me instead. I was so touched by her kindness, but insisted that regardless i would send something because i think it's unfair for anyone to join a swap and not follow through.

i think it's funny we both sent each other purses! Nicola mentioned liking stationary & tea so i sent a bundle of my favorites, including my favorite tea (i'm a coffee lover always, but thanks to another swap i was in- this tea has made me a believer that i had to send her some) + fun socks (fun knee high socks are my fave). She mentioned loving zines and reading and she was keen on Sylvia Plath & Anne Sexton. The Zine is from one of my favorite artists Julia Kansas, who's work i've purchased. I ordered Nin for her and with every book i send, i leave an enveloped message inside. Mirrored tray because we both love vintage & because she mentioned really loving music, i made her a mixed tape of my favourites.

Nicola, that was so much fun! Thank-you for everything! I can't wait to get to know you more through our letters. xoxo

have you particpated in any swaps lately? speaking of mixed tapes... Bianca is hosting one!


Nicola said...

I am really glad you liked your package =) Like I kept saying THANK YOU!! for mine, everything was gorgeous and very thoughtful =)
I have a letter waiting to be posted for you (I wasn't sure who was going to write first, but it'll mean there's an extra letter for you).

Phoenix Peacock said...

what exciting swaps - it seems you two were MEANT to be partners.

Megan said...

oh I had Nicola for a swap to and she is such a sweetheart!
Love that gold purse.

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

This is so sweet! You ladies both gave and in return received a huge dose of loveliness!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Faiza said...

i love reading about everyone's swaps and mail for those tidbits of info like the bit about silver and the scots! so cool!

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