Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sharing Sundays... English Muse.

most of you already know the muse and her whimsical blog about books / art / travel.


so i'll tell you a few reasons why i particularly think she's brilliant:

she's my kind of flea market shopper: these are gems she picked up while in Paris & sometimes she sells them here.

books : when Tina was moving, she posted about needing homes for some of her beloved books. She would send you a box full, and you could just pay the postage once it arrived on your doorstep. (Seriously? i couldn't believe it-- i had offered to pay more but she explained that she would rather her books went to a loving home)      above: me & Everyday Matters by Danny Gregory.

this post broke my heart.

Mr. Darcy? oh she's on a first name basis with Colin Firth.

and lastly, the muse points us all in the direction of brilliant sites : I write like... , where as Tina explains,  "you can enter a few paragraphs of your prose to find out if you write like Hemingway, Chuck Palahniuk or even Bram Stoker. (There are a bunch of other authors ranging from Stephen King to J.K. Rawlings)."

(even Max emailed me this link saying i had to do it which was beyond cute to me)

though I wanted to fairly get Austen, i happily write like Margaret Atwood: Canadian author, poet, critic, essayist, feminist and social campaigner.

Who do you write like?


Amanda said...

I had never seen her blog before, but now it's marked! :) Turns out I write like Kurt Vonnegut? Somehow I doubt that the musings I provided on who Ali should pick for the Bachelorette are truly KV's style, ha!

carmar76 said...

Good post from you, and good blog to feature! I apparently write like Stephen King. (Without the scary, I think.) Appropriate since my name is CARRIE. lol

Thanks, love! : )

Phoenix Peacock said...

one of my friends just introduced me to the who do you write like site! I'm too chicken to put anything from my blog in there... but would a research paper really give me anything good? haha.

Thanks for sharing the Muse. I can't wait to read more from her.

April said...

Definitely checking out her blog.

Fuck me. Oh my god. Okay, I put in a blog post and it said I write like Stephenie Meyer. Kill me, okay? (Put in some poetry and it said Arthur Conan Doyle.)

Meghan said...

Thanks for the link, lady!

Meghan said...

Oh, and I write like Chuck Palahniuk. I am not sure if I should be honored or frightened - although I DO love him:)

Erin said...

I've been to visit this blog a few times, thanks for reminding me of its loveliness!

And thanks as well for the scrummy photo of Colin Firth. I adore him!

Adore you, too!
Happy Sunday, my sweet. Hope my letter arrives tomorrow!

Erin said...

PS: Apparently I write like Mark Twain. One of the greats! Cool.

Claire Kiefer said...

Someone sent me that link recently, but every time I used a different paragraph, I got a different writer . . . which makes me question the whole process, ha! Love how you showcase blogs, shops, etc. that you love, as you have exemplary taste, my darling. :) Hope your Sunday is as relaxing as mine. Love you lady!

Kristin said...

WOWZA. How have I not become an avid follower sooner?? Fabulous feature!

Micaela said...

amanda & carrie you crack m e up! :)

April, you DEF. had me laughing out loud!!!

Erin, you got the best one!!! i can't wait to get your sweet letter. I did have a good relaxing sunday! watched another French film... this one you'd love! must give you the names in my reply letter. lots of love to you and the boys! (hope you had fun on Parade Day) xoxo

Claire, i thought it might do that (change authors) so I just picked one of my prose that was significantly me (however i'm trying to say that lol i hope you get what i meant) and didn't try looking again. LOL YOU have great taste! i love sharing bloggers with each other ;) Love you!!!

Gracie said...

Awesome! I will definitely have to check out her blog for sure! Great feature Micaela.

I will have to find out who I write like but I need to find something to submit :) x

Tina said...

oh wow!!! OMG!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!
you made my week!

Ria said...

Apparently I write like David Foster Wallace. I'd never heard of him until now and so have an itchy finger and want to buy one of his books, hehe.

And yes, any mail sent to Cameri will reach me fine, we have the keys until the end of August. I assume that is the address I sent you? x

Faiza said...

atwood is hero where i am from! you are in good company!

Anonymous said...

I write like Vladimir Nabokov!

That's a neat website :)

Rhianne said...

I heart her blog, I didnt realise she sent books out though, how amazing!!

Did you get your parcel?? x

Rhianne said...

Oh and I write like Cory Doctorow aapparently - who is a blogger, journalist and science fiction writer - I'm quite happy about that :)

Micaela said...

Ria, i was the same about Margaret Atwood :) and my fiance had read a sci fi book of hers in school so we spent 30 mins searching for it (he said it was good) but alas, we think he sold it back to the school. Yes! it was to that address- whew! :)

CW- to write like Nabokov is pretty impressive indeed :)

Tina, YOU just made ME blush ;) lovely!!! i meant every word.

Rhianne, not yet, but i can't wait! i already have something picked out for you and it might be yellow (of course!) xoxo

Cynthia said...

i write like james joyce haha its funny because i don't love his work!
off to check out this blog find and wishing you a fantastic monday


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