Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wanting to Know you Wens.

who's your absolute girl crush?

the celebrity you would want to look like if the world was fair?

mine's always been easy. in fact, i call her my "girlfriend."

Penelope Cruz.

did you see her on 60 minutes Sunday? BEAUTIFUL.

who do you fancy?

*next week, I want to try something different so I'll need your help! email me a photo of yourself with your favorite coffee mug. It'll be like a virtual coffee meet up date! 

I'll show your photos next wens. right here, so be sure to include your blog link (if you have one--- my sweet silent blog lovies, you're included too so don't think you have to have a blog to see your beautiful face on next week's post) & where you live.

i think it'll be fun if i get more than 1 person to participate (and by 1 person i mean other than me ha that would be a sad "coffee meet up date")!

you have until next wens. to get out your camera & favorite coffee mug, snap! and send to


sharlyn emily said...

my absolute girl crush always has been and always will be jennifer aniston. i love, love, love her.i also love reese witherspoon.
and i'm dang excited about your "coffee meetup" :) such a cute idea! you'll be getting my email later this week.

Lauren Nicole said...

absolute girl crush?? that's too hard, arrghh! lemme think for a sec...a tie between kristen stewart, bryce dallas howard, meryl streep, marion cotillard and kirsten dunst. i guess kstew or kirsten would be the absolute. haha

definitely meryl streep because it's few and far between that people can look the same way without plastic surgery their whole lives. she's such an amazing natural beauty.

this coffee mug thing sounds awesome! i drink espresso, not coffee, so i'll have to dig through some of the 'coffee mugs' around the house. :]
- L

Marz said...

Mine's always been easy for me too.... BRITNEY SPEARS!!!!!! Oh how I love her SO much! :) She will be the only girl for me always and forever :) Although Selena Gomez has been tempting me...hahaha but ain't nobody got anything on my Brit Brit! lol

Love the idea for next week! :) I can't wait to see everyone's pics and take part in the coffee date :)

Jodi said...

Girl Crush of all time: Marilyn Monroe.

Girl crush of now: Angelina Jolie.

Both of these women are not only outwardly beautiful but also complex internally, which I love.

Annie Cristina said...

I love Penelope Cruz. Did you hear she and Javier Bardem finally got married? I'm so happy they did.

My girlcrushes change from time to time, as do my boycrushes. But I think I will always like that rare combination of beauty and quirkiness. My crushes tend to share that in common.

I wrote a post on my boycrushes & girlcrushes a while back, should you care to take a gander: :)

Phoenix Peacock said...

while there are many that come and go... I have to say Angelina Jolie is my steady :)

holli said...

kristen cavalarri!

BrittanButterfly said...

I think mine is Audrey Tautou (for both questions). She is a classic, yet unique beauty and just so cute... and french (I would really like to learn french).

Claire Kiefer said...

Liv Tyler is my ultimate beauty, I think. But I'm also swayed by J.Lo, whom I believe is one of the prettiest people on the entire planet! Apparently monogamy doesn't come easy to me. :)

Nós said...

= )
Marilyn Monroe.
Audrey Hepburn.
Tyra Banks.

Penelope Cruz looks gorgeous on these pics.
Everyone says I look like her, but I don't think so.
Andreia. xoxo

Meghan said...

Great question! I think my girl crush would have to be Zooey Deschanel - I love her style!

And your coffee meet-up is a wonderful idea! Going to have hubs take a pic ASAP!

Stephanie said...

My bff, your twinkie....that crazy girl cannot seem to understand my girl crush. I think I recall you saying you didn't like her either...but yes, it's Juliette Lewis! I just love her. She's a good actress! She made me cry in an old movie she made with Brad Pitt called Too Young to Die. :)
If I could look like any actress....right now, I'd say Emily Blunt. She's a new favorite of mine. I think she is so beautiful!

Micaela said...

ha i've loooved seeing who you all think is beautiful!

Nos- please send a pic of you to me? HA JK! i would give anything to resemble penelope cruz!

Sharlyn, can't wait to see your pic!

Meghan, i didn't get the whole zooey crush until she wowed me in "500 Days." I get it now ;)

Jodi, Jen Aniston is absolutely my 2nd crush!!! although Jolie is GORGEOUS and sex in human form, i was team Aniston all the way!

Stephanie, Juliette Lewis?! LOL joking, i loved her in "Too Young to Die." SOOO SAD you're right. i agree with the talent but Emily Blunt is a fabulous choice! I LOVED her in "sunshine cleaning" and "The Jane Austen Book Club" which you MUST see if you haven't yet. (both!) you BETTER send in a coffee pic btw ;)

Claire, Liv YES! "Stealing Beauty" - reminds me of my affair with italia. Monogamy... ha not even in women! ;) lol

Erin said...

My girl crush is either Rachel McAdams or Kate Winslet. I think they are both beautiful and classy, and I love their movies.

Love the idea of a cyber coffee meet-up...I'm going to have find a pic! :-)

The Pieces said...

Awwww how cute, a virtual coffee meet up:) i just have to try to choose which mug to use! I think my number one all time girl crush is Michelle Williams :)

Tillie said...

this idea is simply awesome! hahah. I am going to do it to! If thats okay!? I shall email you! hehe.

My girl crush, either scarlett johansen, zooey deschanel or sabina kelly. EASY! Seriously BEAUTIFUl woman!

Marisa said...

my number ONE girl crush as you know is.

She is sexy, a mother with the best un inhibited sense of humor as well as being one of the best actress on the face of the planet...

i could go on.

Cynthia said...

sandra bullock is the girl for me or julia roberts I think she is absolutly gorgeous in the new ad!

definatly want to participate in the coffee date!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

your girlfriend is hot ;)

my number one girl crush of all time is maggie gyllenhaal, and my favorite role of hers was in stranger than fiction.

i'm going to see if i have a favorite mug, but i don't drink coffee, i drink watered down hot cocoa with tons of marshmallows!

Micaela said...

M, OF COURSE ;) all the reasons you love your girl Kate is practically all the reasons i love you!

Sandra Bullock & Rachel McAdams- Brilliant choices!!

Erin, Tillie, Cynthia- YES PLEASE! i'd love to see your pretty photos!

Danielle, Maggie G. is TOTALLY hot. That, i get :)
i thought of you and your non-coffee drinking self when i posted this actually! but do find your favorite hot choc one :) must have your petty picture on le blog. Miss you!

April said...

Amanda Seyfried! Seriously. She's perfect.

I'm so excited for next Wednesday now. Yay! These are so much fun.

carmar76 said...

love the coffee idea! will have to remember to take that picture. : )

my girl crushes are alicia silverstone and sarah michelle gellar. they are both more cute than pretty, really, and they are amaaaazing women.

kid. said...

i have two answers for each of these and they are the same: shannyn sossamon and karen o from the yeah yeah yeahs. i love both of them and they are both beautiful and so effortlessly stylish and COOL looking, ha.

Ria said...

Hmmm, I've had many a girl crush over the years, but Angelina Jolie has been my longest standing object of affection.

As for now I'm totally crushing on Christina Hendricks. Those curves are amazing!

If I could look like any celebrity it would either be the lovely Christina or Eva Green. Both gorgous in such different ways.

I would LOVE to participate in your coffee meet date, but my mugs are all in storage in London :( Maybe another time? x

Rhianne said...

eee, I love the mug idea! I better get on that :)

My fave girl crush is prob Emma Watson, she is so darn cute and she always looks gorgeous...

though after watching inception marion cotillard is there as well, so pretty.

Lauryn said...

Evangeline Lily from Lost is definitely my "girl crush." A bunch of bloggers talked about how ugly and manish they thought she was, but I think that she is totally gorgeous!

Kara said...

I. Love. That. Coffee date idea. Just emailed your pic :)

My girl crush is Drew Barrymore. I just think she's the prettiest, funniest, awesomest actress ever.

Maddy said...

I have a lot of girl crushes... Kristen Bell, Jennifer Aniston.. but my number one is Zooey Deschanel! I absolutely love her.

I don't drink coffee! I was going to photograph myself with just a cup (hehe) but i'm moving in a week and everything is packed.. I think this is a great idea though and i'll play along next time! :)

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

Oooh! Love this idea of a coffee meet up! And what a wonderful excuse for me to drink coffee! I've been cutting back aka not drinking it for a while.

Going to try to remember to take a photo tomorrow!

For my girl crush, that's such a hard one! I know there are several. But I've always liked Reese Witherspoon and adore Audrey Tautou.

shelly said...

i had to think hard about this one for almost a week now. i have so many crushes, but i think i have narrowed down my top two...finally.

i have always had a thing for Amanda Peet. and more recently i am totally in love with Lake Bell. GORGEOUS!

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