Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Postal Service.

This is usually done on a Monday, but this weekend we took a mini overnight trip to Baltimore, MD. (max had a work thing and asked if i wanted to tag along... road trips with my husband-to-be are my favorite) Baltimore is charming- after all, it's where Meg Ryan lived in "Sleepless in Seattle." We had such a great time sharing a late night dinner at an irish pub near our hotel, walking around the city, and enjoying the dolphin show at the National Aquarium. I do so love our road trips! How was your weekend? can't wait to hear about it!

^Claire surprised me with this awesome postcard! my twinkie was actually sent one like this in a postcrossing & i had commented how much i liked it. I love that Claire had a set and then surprised me. I love her simple decorated envelope & yet it says so much.

^From L. Nicole (her little sister colored the last picture for me- adorable!) i love the apple postcard.

^Erin's letter with teacup stationary that is so her. When she writes me, it's as if i'm sitting across from her at a tea shop. Always a favorite to receive.  

^newly wed Gracie sent me such a pretty parcel from Australia: a lovely long letter (i so value openness in my friendships & i was so touched that Gracie felt she could share secrets with me), beautiful butterfly notecards from her etsy, cutesy little envelopes that held hand made magnets already hanging on our fridge, and the above print as an engagement/housewarming gift. IT IS PERFECTLY ME!!! even Max agreed. Gracie, you are precious!

^so true card from Carrie Marie & a hello from Carolyn (i loved the sparkly which is fitting, because carolyn in every email always wishes me a sparkly day)

^i know you all love rhianne like i do, but i love her more you see. Look at the goodies she sent me. A JUJU necklace that says "make your dreams come through," star stickers i've already used, and The Wednesday Sisters, which sounds just like my kind of book. Rhianne got it in a book swap and promised to send it to me when she was done since i didn't get anything in the swap. (i was so disappointed because it was the one i was really looking forward to) Isn't she such a doll? I can't wait to read it!

^lacy card from Phoenix (i loved learning more about you!) & the neatest card from Blanca (one part of it tears out so you can send a beautiful maya angelou quote out into the world. Genius!)

^TAKE THAT decorated package from Twinkie, who sent along the cute card next to it that Shelly had sent me that arrived in Texas after i had left. (whew, i'm sure i could have said that run-on sentence a lot better, but you get what i mean right?) My twinkie also enclosed a mixed cd - our favorites! i got her package on a bla day that putting in her CD was such a treat and such comfort.

^from Zoe. Zoe, i loved your answer to your best physical trait! you had me giggling. 

^from a sweet postcrossing member from Poland who i had sent a postcard to, telling her a bit about me that included i loved Van Gogh. She asked for my address to send me these beautiful cards. Random Acts of Kindness... i can't get over sweetness from beautiful strangers. Happy Mail, indeed!

starting my new job, outbound is pretty scarce! i'll catch up, promise.
^to L. Nicole (it includes our traveling journal that i've kidnapped) & thank-you letter to CW for the book she sent, that includes the below art print of my favorite artists. {meant to be a congratulations on her engagement!}

X is for Kiss art print by Olivia Jeffries

^little note i wrote L. Nicole while in Baltimore & novella reply to Erin.

^what will be a much belated birthday pressie for Tillie 

speaking of birthdays... pretty Farah's was back in June but i wanted to share this photo of her from her blog with the birthday gift i sent (i love seeing something i sent to Malaysia in her hands... it's so neat!) She's so pretty!

^it cracked me up because her oldest brother read the card and stopped halfway through and said, "Do  girls really write that way to one another?" ha. I love it!!! Yes, they do. *smiles

some postcrossings:
^sent to Kentucky : since it's a photo showing a Tupperware party, i told her how i was the best person to invite to these things cos i can never say no and my momma always told me that i can't go to a party like this (where a friend is a hostess) and not buy something. With that said, the last party i went to like this was a sex toy party...

^sent to Dallas : i told her i was excited to send one to her for two reasons- She lives in my most favorite City and two- As an Art Director, she loves art & homemade best. (the lace didn't come out too good in the scan) i told her how much i love my Dallas Mavericks & when she got my postcard, she said her and her husband have been season ticket holders for 10 years! oh to be so lucky!!! 

^sent to Arizona

i really enjoy love letters from my friends. more than that, i really enjoy sending off love letters to my friends.

my bank account can fight me on that (or i should say, max's account), but it's worth it every single time. 

PS. don't forget! coffee date tomorrow. Email me your pic tonight if you haven't done so-- i've loved each one i've received so far! 


Erin said...

Did this Irish Pub happen to be James Joyce? If so, that's one of my favorite places in Baltimore! :-) Little road trips are the best!

Megan said...

Oh no I havent sent you my coffee photo! Will do it when I get home from work, hopefully it wont be to late, eewk!
Love all your mail you are such a sweet girl. That print from Gracie is just perfect. I hope my letter arrives soon.

Claire Kiefer said...

I LOVE THESE POSTS and I really love that print from Gracie! sooooo much. Going to try to remember to send you a coffee mug pic tonight. I definitely have a favorite (borderline obsessed with it). xxooxox

Phoenix Peacock said...

oh crap, I forgot about the coffee date and look a hot mess at the moment... hmm, I might have to send a hot mess photo because I so want to be a part of this coffee date!

Karina said...

Such beautiful happy mail....
Hope you have a great rest of the week = )

Erin said...

I simply can't wait for my novella to arrive! It will definitely be here before I fly off to London-town, and that means I'll have time to reply before then too. And of course I'll write to you whilst travelling around my home away from home! Have put your address in my teeny little travel sized notebook...

I think I sent you two coffee photos. Can't wait to see everyone who turns up for our coffee date! I can pretend we're in a tea shop though, right? ;~)

xoxo E

Karina said...

Oh! I almost forgot about tomorrows coffee date I will be emailing you the pics in a little while ; ). Kary xoxo

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

you always send and receive some of the prettiest mail!

i got two new prints from allyson & jeremy taylor on saturday which made me decide i need and art wall, and furthermore, i need some olivia jeffries prints! they're so beautiful, and i love that you love her as much as i do!

baltimore is a fun city. it's just over an hour south of where my family lives in PA, so i'd go there pretty often for different things. i love the fast pace of a big city!

Anna said...

such lovely mail! and an equally lovely weekend trip in baltimore, it sounds wonderful!

Cassie said...

Weekends away are fabulous aren't they? Such fun in the summer too.

So much pretty mail again, you are one lucky lady.

Gracie said...

I have just sent you a photo for the coffee date. I'm a little underdressed. I'm in my PJ's :p

Yay for lovely mail. I really am so glad you liked the print. You receive so many wonderful things. I bet you have a ball receiving all that mail!

kid. said...

such pretty mail. i promise i am working on sending something to you, haha. and i know how you feel, i always feel so great being able to walk by the mail box and drop a few letters into it :)

Rhianne said...

eee, I've only just seen this :) thanks lovely, I love you more too!

The Pieces said...

Awwww so many pretty papers. I always hug my cute little letters before I give them a kiss and post them off.. I love it! I even have a special "air mail" bag I use to carry parcels! It really fills me with such warmth :)

Faiza said...

and we love sending our love to you!

Lauren Nicole said...

i think your mail posts are my favorite now. officially. and i still haven't received the journal or any notes. hmmmph! well, there's always tomorrow! *crosses fingers* anyway, yoyr mail posts are awesome and a complete inspiration. lovelovelove them. and you. :P :]
- L

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