Thursday, July 29, 2010

she is no Private Benjamin, but she is just as cute.

when my brother was home for his R&R from iraq (2 weeks of rest and recovery), we skyped with a soldier back in Iraq named Christina. She was so adorable!!! She's a sgt. in my brother's unit and knowing she is there with my brother comforts me. I mean look at her smile! even in a nasty dirt storm like the picture below, she's just too adorable. 

with my brother

it made me realize again how women just like you and me are out there fighting for us. It's hard to imagine she's out there in Iraq driving a humvee. It's incredibly humbling.

as BEAUTIFUL as her smile is, i know it can't always be smiles over there in a war torn country, a thousand miles away from family. Not that there's anything i could do to repay her bravery in protecting our freedoms, but perhaps i could show her kindness in some small way. 

Making care packages for my brother are my favorite (You lovies have helped me so GRACIOUSLY with that). Making girly care packages for women soldiers are a delight. 

these were some of the things i sent Christina. I know when i asked Marco what to get her, he said she talked about how there wasn't enough pedicure/manicure stuff. I also sent along my favorite SJP perfumed lotions/bath wash of her scent lovely, and it is my personal belief that every girl should keep a stash of milano cookies. 

Christina got my care package yesterday and it's an amazing feeling to think i could make someone's day overseas... just like you helped make my brother's


Jamie said...

Soooo sweet!!! We should each "adopt" somebody in your brother's unit and send them care packages every few weeks or so!!!!
You have such a heart of gold, Micaela! I just love you! xoxo

Kara said...

Omg that is the SWEETEST package and sooo super girly. I would love to get something like that even if I wasn't stuck in a sandy, hot country riddled with war. You are the cutest :)

Faiza said...

i love jamie's idea and would totally play along!

my heart sends a hug to yours!

Carolyn said...

You are SO sweet!!! And I agree - putting together a girly package for someone in such harsh conditions is probably so fun and SO appreciated.

AmyK said...

That's such an awesome thing to do!

Sam Harvey said...

yes, this is very humbling. wow her smile is contagious! she is gorgeous and so strong. i can feel her strength. really awesome to feel the comraderie from those photos.

Claire Kiefer said...

Your package to Christina was SO thoughtful--I am sure she loves it and is so grateful to you. Did she get in touch with you? When I sent Marco's package, the woman at the post office told me there was no guarantee/time frame in which it would get there. :(

You are an incredible sister and human being!

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

This is so lovely! I love seeing everybody's care packages and mail! I'm sure it makes the recipient's heart smile for days, but even reading about them makes my heart smile too! How cool is that?

And I absolutely LOVE mint milanos. They remind me of my grandpa. We both always had sweet tooths and when grandma and everyone else was asleep we would sneak into the kitchen together and raid the cookie jar... without fail full of mint milanos!

Tillie said...

Micaela! Would it be awfully strange if i put together a care package for her as well? I am almost done putting things together for your brother - i was wondering if there was anything i should definitely include! LIke what are his favourites? haha. I know its from NZ so it will be a little different, but really want to do this, and if you dont think your brothers friend would mind... I would love to send something feminine for her as well!!!

Much love.

Gracie said...

Eee! You're the sweetest! I'm sure that would have put a huuggee smile on her face. A girly package like that would definitely make her feel better.

And I too agree that it's very humbling knowing that women like us are out there too! What an inspiration.

Sending care packages is lovely. I must think of doing something similar from here :)

Micaela said...

thank you for all your sweetness!

Tillie, ABSOLUTELY!!! and NOOO, not strange at all! i will be emailng you shortly but yes, you can just send it to my brother (they're in the same unit) and put a note that it's for Christina or any other girlies in his unit (i always tell him to share! ha and i think it'll be pretty obvious anyway when it's girly stuff! lol) YOU are a doll!!! as far as my brother- truly anything at all is lovely- NZ chips? cookies? and if you have any mags or a Newspaper lying around, stick that in as well. really, you are tremendous!!! and yes, i'll marry you now! ;) xoxo

so are you Jamie & Faiza! seriously- if you haven't sent out your little something to my brother, you can just include a little girly something and he'll disperse it :) it'll be cheaper to send that way. YOU both have a heart of gold! xoxo

Claire, me & christina are actually friends on FB so my brother wrote on my wall when she got it :) lol i was surprised it got to her as quick as it did. I can check to see if my brother got yours :) phone date soon! xo

Heather, loveee the story of your grandpa! my nieces from italy LOVED them and we'd stay up late eating them because you can't get them where they live, so i send them some. i completely believe everyone should have a stash on hand always lol i dunk them in my coffee!

April said...

This is the sweetest thing I've ever seen. She'll love it!

Julia said...

You are so thoughtful! She is going to love that care package!

And if you do a shoe virtual meetup, I'm sooooo in!

Kenza Salem said...

this is so great! i totally agree with jamie. we need to!!

Annie Cristina said...

You are amazingly sweet to send that care package. You will not only make her day, you will probably make her year! I can't wait to hear what she thinks of it. :)

I've been meaning to get in touch with you about this, but I keep forgetting -- since I teach, would you be interested in my students writing letters to your brother? I wanted to teach my freshman how to properly write a letter this upcoming school year, and I think this could be a rewarding exercise for everyone. Let me know.

p.s.) Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!

Blicious said...

this is so sweet! i love this post! you are so cute!


Cynthia said...

aww micaela you're a gem! I'm sure she loves them all especially those cookies yum!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

You're so sweet Micaela. I LOVE Jamie's idea of adopting someone in his unit - I'd def want to do it! Espesh for a girl as I have lots of girly things lying around unused xxx

Lauryn said...

I know I've said this before, but you are one of the kindest people I've ever seen! It's so amazing of you to reach out to the brave men and women who are serving our country. I know I'd be ecstatic to receive a care package like that :)

Christina Monique said...

thump thump thump!

I am sitting here 2 years later and this still brings tears to my eyes <3 you are such a wonderful person Mickey. I love you!!

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