Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sharing Sundays... A day in the life... of Stephanie. :)

Only one other time did i get to share a lovely girl i've known for years. This week is just as special. 

Steph is twinkie's bff. They've been each other's dates to so many events, Steph's boss and co-workers call them "life partners." And all joking aside, I really think they will be. I've seen their friendship go through relationships, jobs, babies, wedding, you name it. They will always be there for each other. 

Chicago trip this year

New Years 2008

Reasons i love steph: she got my twinkie into the whole Twilight Saga (for Steph's birthday 2 years ago, Marianne got her an Edward Cullen cardboard stand-up).

she loves scary movies and stephen king and yet she has an irrational fear of dolls. (she just got into postcrossing & i sent her the postcard below... ha)

She is really funny but shy until you get to know her. She loves concerts (we saw Britney together!), postsecret, telling/hearing ghost stories, and her latest obsession is True Blood. 

What i love most about her is the Mother she is to her two boys. It can't be easy raising sons on your own but without a question, Steph is such a wonderful mother. I  can see it in the faces of her two handsome little guys. 

so lovies, I want you to meet my friend Steph over on her little corner of the internet here. What i have always loved most is when bloggers aren't afraid to write about raw emotion ... the "real stuff." I love that about Steph. 

oh, and you need to check out this post of hers for sure!  (old photos are always fun, and a testament to the memories and what our friendship has survived)

katy, steph, me last summer

i love you stephanie! thank you for always being there for my twinkie... and me xo


Stephanie said...

Aww, that's sweet, Mickey. :) I especially like the part where you say I'm a wonderful mother. :) You made my Sunday. Thank you.

carmar76 said...

this was such a sweet post! i'm gonna go read about stephanie in steph's own words now... : )

greystrawberrys said...

This is a really sweet post! Everyone looks SO nice!

Hope your okay <3


Claire Kiefer said...

love this--found her blog the other day via Marianne--and how cute do you look in that monokini?!?!

April said...

So sweet!

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

Aww this is the sweetest post! So many lovely relationships here, makes me just appreciate... love. And all the old photos too!

Gracie said...

So lovely! She sounds like a really lovely person and it was so great of you to share her on here :) x

Belen said...

LOL LOL LOL! lovin' the postcard you sent her. evil but funny. (don't worry, i do the same, bwah ha ha haaaa.)

a friend of mine works at f.y.e. and is constantly bringing home cardboard cut outs of people/characters. it's slightly creepy when you walk into her room lol.

Meghan said...

You ladies are so super adorable! What a wonderful tribute to your friend!

Kristin said...

Ya'll are too cute. Love that swimsuit lady!

The Socialite said...

Awe steph seems like such a sweet girl! ;)

On a total side note: WHERE did you get that HOT swimsuit?! lol ;)

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