Saturday, July 10, 2010

c'est la vie.

The reason we had to cut our trip so short and drive home Thursday was because our realtor is trying to sell our house and called to say that someone was going to look at it today at 4 p.m.

We told him we were in Texas, but that we'd leave in time to be there and moreso, so i could clean up the casa. Honestly, i hated his timing... my family from Germany would be there for at least 2 more weeks and the last time i saw my niece and nephew was 5 years ago. But what could we do?

OF COURSE the realtor would call and cancel the showing; rescheduling for next week.

of course.

i'm so angry and sad.

but at least I'm angry and sad in a clean(er) home.

^the main living room wall. This painting is my latest gift from my Pappa- a truly talented artist. This is one of his first works and i have begged for it since childhood. It was an incredible surprise when he brought it over to me as I was packing. (my auntie said he gave it to me not just because he loves me, but because he's proud of me)

pillow 1 is from my bestie & pillow 2 says "forgiven," a gift off of etsy from my twinkie.

^full bookshelves, pillows my momma made, and carnival mirror & antique one (i have a thing for mirrors)

^the entry way leading from the living room into the dining room/kitchen. The black mirror is one of my favorite estate sale scores (black with gold etching)

^there is no rhyme or reason to how i hang up our art and seeing this pic- it's pretty obvious! the dining area wall.

^looking into the kitchen

^the kitchen island : remember the funny story i told you about why my kitchen is primarily of roosters? this one near our coffee maker says "le coq." I had to get it! The chalkboard was my very first ever giveaway win from Playing Grown Up.

that's just two of our main rooms. Looking at these photos i realize how much stuff (or as max calls it "junk") i have.  But seriously, can one ever have too much art or too many books?

thanks for stopping by Casa di M! and i'll try not to sulk the rest of the day that we should still be in Texas right now. xo


Rhianne said...

I love your home! So sad you dont have more time with yur family though, I miss getting the chance to see mine too!

I've missed you too lovely :)

Erin said...

Quite frankly, that SUCKS! But at least you and Max are home together. That's the best bit.

PS: Lovely house! I've enjoyed the tour. And I'm thrilled to see you back over on my blog today. I've missed you.

BrittanButterfly said...

great sneak peak of your house! I love seeing where other people live, not to be too nosy, but just interesting to see their environments reflecting their personalities!

p.s. we have a lot of "junk" too. as 2 artist living together, you really never have enough art or too many books, that is the truth!

carmar76 said...

Okay, that really sucks about the Realtor! They should have rescheduled as soon as you said you were in Texas. Harrumph.

On a positive note, your style is gorgeous! : ) Love that your papa gave you that special piece! What's the really colorful piece on the wall in the first picture, silver frame? I am *hearting* that from afar!

Maddy said...

I love your little cart and whatever that wooden thing with the drawers is on your kitchen counter! Are you two staying in VA? just to a different home? or going elsewhere?

p.s. i missed you too!! <3

Annie Cristina said...

I love your mirrors! And I've always been fond of hanging art up haphazardly. I hate when it's too perfect because it somehow takes away from the art's personality.

Krissa said...

love the house...thats so so cute!!!!
you guys moving????

Micaela said...

Carrie, the painting is an original from my friend (and old roommate) Katy's aunt. I blogged about it here:

it really is gorgeous! :) thank you!

and about moving... no, not moving yet. I'll explain when the time comes ;)

THANK YOU for all your generous comments! i was kind of embarrassed when i saw how cluttered it looked, but honestly, it is very me. ha

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

You really do have a lovely home, so many lovely personal touches. Sorry for the cut-short time with your family. I suppose everything happens for a reason, maybe another showing sooner than you expected?

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i really love mirrors, too. i especially love the old ones with floral etching and no frames. you've got a pretty collection!

i also love the chair in your living room!

Jamie said...

Welcome home! I'm sorry you came home early when you didn't end up needing to. :( I love your home pictures! I think everything looks really great!!! Hope you enjoy your weekend!!! xo

carmar76 said...

oh, thank you for giving me a closer look! the painting is just as lovely as I'd thought at first glance! : ) very talented artiste!

Marisa said...

just charming...and just how I pictured it. LOVE the book shelves.... and I will say it again your pappa is SO talented xoxo

Claire Kiefer said...

I LOVE seeing your home :)

Ria said...

I love the haphazard display of art, it's perfectly imperfect. We don't have enough art. But books we have plenty of and no, you can never have too many. x

Megan said...

Your house reflects your style so much, thankyou for sharing.
It sucks you had to come home early. Time with family is so precious. x

Faiza said...

thanks for the tour! love your home and seeing where your heart rests and your hands create.

Tillie said...

I want to live in your house hehe you are the cutest. Miss you! x

April said...

Aww, that sucks. :/ But at least now everything is clean? Silver lining, I guess. Love all your art and books, btw.

Belen said...

i love that you actually put things up on your walls! i know my parents plan on moving out of this house one day, but she's the kind that's like "lets not put things on the walls so we don't have to worry about fixing holes later when we move." well guess what, she's been saying that for 10 years now... when are we gonna move?! LOL. and okay, i have tons of stuff on my walls in my bedroom, but i don't put holes in the wall. i use those "non-wall-damaging" sticky hooks! they do wonders for heavy items! :D

Lauryn said...

So sorry that you had to cut your trip short! I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end when you sell your place and get into something even better :)

Lauren Nicole said...

LADY! oh. my.

it took me a bit to comment because i STILL cannot find the right words to say how amazing your house is. stinks you won't be in it for a long time. :[ but still, it's totally my love and style of interior decorating; with all the throws and art and photos and books, EVERYTHING. like i said, so hard for me to say how wonderful it all is because i love snapshots of peoples amazing homes like this...


sorry, lost me there for a sec..

but really, like i already 'said' to you, it sucks you had to cut the trip short and that OF COURSE something like that could happen, it always does unfortunately. next time, just ignore the silly reason to go home and deal with whatever happens later, haha. :P

- L

PS: no, you cannot have too much art or too many books. :] <3

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