Monday, December 21, 2009

Guest Post Max: Christmas Alone

It has been 3 months since I moved into colder country. Last Friday, we got a big snow. 13 inches!

This is not the kind of snow that happens every year, more like every 10 years. It reminded me of playing in the snow when I was little, sledding over and over until your fingers and toes are numb.

No sledding this time, except for sliding the car on the snow and getting stuck. But it is still profoundly beautiful. It struck me that I didn't have my Chunga to share it with. It was like a snowglobe, perfect. The sun hitting the new fallen snow...or the moonlight making the snowy night bright. I tried to take pictures, but I couldn't capture the bracing cold...the stillness and quiet. Snow makes even the ugliest landscape beautiful. It covers up all the imperfections with a smooth white blanket.

It was just not as much fun alone.

But that is going to change soon...this is our last Christmas apart. My family has already put her ornament on the tree. A sign of things to come.


I am sad she missed it.


Jenni said...

oh how sweet!

lindsey said...

very, very sweet! made my heart melt! yay for you and micaela! :D

Marisa said...

so sweet and Max you described what you were seeing so beautifully!

nifer said...

Such a sweet post, Max! You are the best boyfriend ever! I'm so happy for you and Michaela.

Merry Christmas!

Krissa said...

so sweet!

Saltina said...

Aaaw, so cute!

Belen said...

that is TOO cute! :) i've always wanted a philippines shaped one, although that wouldn't work with all the islands, yknow? hahaha.

Rhianne said...

I'm sad she missed it too but so excited this is your last christmas apart :) x

missy. said...

micaela is so sweet to send a texas ornament! totally showing the texas pride there. loove her.

you better take good care of her in virgina or else..

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