Wednesday, June 17, 2009

my weekend last weekend.

pappa's art work in an art exhibit:
the first 2 are his. I have been coveting the 1st one. It's of Benazir Bhutto. He even used real lace on the clothing that i wished i had taken a picture of to show you.

My parents were so cute looking at other art work together.
me and little seester outside the Mane Event projects- local artists painted horses around town with their own designs. My pappa has one over by the college i went to.

Friend's going away party:
Jermaine Ferrell was the Sports Anchor at the station I worked at (the one bf currently works at). He's on his way to Mississippi. Small world moment: Max's first job was at the competing station that Jermaine's going to. The picture of the drinks raised is pretty much how the night went.


Anonymous said...

how adorable are you micaela

The Socialite said...

what cute post! Your parents are too cute for words - hehe. I love you dress! Purple looks really good on you! ;)

Micaela said...


vanessa, it's a good thing you think i look good in purple cos that's Max's fave color on me too. yesss!!!!

this dress is my go-to dress. i wear it all the time to any event i'm not sure of. i looove it.

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