Monday, March 5, 2012

Tillie's Heart.

Oh hello you lovely Dolce Vita readers! Tillie here from The Poppy Creative keeping the seat warm for the beautiful Miss Micaela while she is off celebrating her birthday with her family back home. Micaela and I have built a sweet little friendship over the last few years, sharing in our love of the sweetest things in life {Jack Daniels, Elvis Presley, Sweet Tunes and Red Lipstick} and I am so glad to call her my friend and was so honoured when she asked if I would do a wee guest post on her precious little slice of the internet. Ok ok, enough of the mush! Here is a little sneak peek into my heart...

{A photo - me and my two best friends on the way to see the best band of all time. *swoon*}

{A poem - Ok so I cheated a little bit, but I really wanted to share my favourite song lyrics. Wish you were here - Incubus. I swear this guy is one of the most incredible lyricists of our time.}

{A song - Alexisonfire - Get Fighted. I can remember the first time I heard this song. The lyrics in this song are incredible. Especially the bridge. 'My greatest gift to you, is a dance floor. Free from Insecurity."}

{A quote - Something to remember, because life is short.}

{An item of clothing - this is one of my favourite dresses to wear, its cute, its fun and it was $4!}

{A Place - My bedroom. Its my creative hub, its where I get things done, and best of all its where I sleep. Mmmm. Sleep!}

Well! That's me! Thank you sweet readers for letting me share a little piece of me with you. I can't wait to meet some of you a little better! And thank you to the sweet sweet birthday girl for having me stay. Until next time, In blogging love. Tillie xx


Claire Kiefer said...

Awww, Tillie's post is perfect. :) I just love her! I would be too embarrassed to post a picture of my room cause it's sooooo messy . . . gotta work on that.

Miss you, Micaela, but enjoying these guest posts :)

georgina said...

Love Tillie! Such a gem x

Jo said...

It's nice to meet you here on Micaela's blog!
Now I'm going to hop on over to yours!

By the way, $4 for that super cute dress!! I want to come shopping with you some time! ;)

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