Tuesday, March 13, 2012

my birthday trip home.

i got to spend ten glorious days with my parents and twinkie, all thanks to Marianne's husband {it was his birthday gift to us}. We did so much! from family movie dates to catching up with friends over lunches. Here's a few photos from home : 

my momma always bakes us our favorite cakes

before maddie drove back to austin - i love our sports shirts! 

sister cuddles

and a family that believes in group hugs :) 
for our birthday, the beautiful faiza absolutely surprised us by sending us this ADORABLE yard sign! how thoughtful and amazing right? just like her.

we were showered with birthday love-- here's a digital billboard marianne's boss & coworkers put up for us on a busy intersection. we felt like rockstars!

since my husband couldn't take time off work, he surprised me with this beautiful bouquet for my bday.

happy hour with the girls! ashleigh, lauren, and you know steph! :) 
we had a pajama movie night at ashleigh's and watched Like Crazy. Isn't her son Chase just adorable?!
i couldn't get enough of him! (yep, posting a pic of me with little make-up)

late eating at IHOP with our adorable Pappa

us Lechugas after church

visiting Marianne at the office

It never gets easier, saying bye to family when you live so far away {i think it's double worse if you're a twin}. Me and Marianne are already counting down to May when we'll see each other again for our epic girls trip to Cali!!! 

P.S. thanks for welcoming each blogger while i was away-- i love "showing our hearts" with each other and seeing how beautiful and unique each one is. to the girls who blog-sitted, you are lovely & i might have fallen in love with you even more if that's possible xo


Karleen said...

Gorgeous Twinkies & a Gorgeous family!!!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Hurrah for big family birthdays! Love all these photos of your happy family...

I've got something in the works for you. It's late (obviously) but it will just prolong the birthday fun, right?


Rhianne said...

It looks like you had a great time and I'm glad you did - you and Marianne deserve it :)

Erin said...

Look at you on a billboard! It's so awesome that you got to visit your family for such a special occasion. And AMEN! for turning 28! (Me too.)

Claudia said...


Tara said...

New reader here...I hope you had a great birthday!

Carmela said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you and your twin!

Claire Kiefer said...

I love your family so much. I think I'd seen all these pics before, but I loved them just as much all together here. You're so lucky to have such a sweet, warm, unconditionally-loving family. Y'all are eight of a kind!

Faiza said...

love that you each got your own birthday cake. what flavour(s) were in each?

and i'd also like to think that crane west loved my cheesy yard sign and retaliated with the digital sign! HA!

see you soon!

Geisslein said...

the pictures are so so so adorable, lovely, cute, beautiful! I´m happy for you both! hugs for both of you! geisslein

Stephanie said...

It was so good to see you! I had fun going to garage sales and talking for hours at OTB!! I'm going to try to get my VHS video put on DVD, so you and Marianne can see it ;) haha.

Why does it look like I have a huge bruise on my arm in that pic???

And you should've mentioned, I had just woken up from a nap. haha.
Bed head!!!
Awww, who am I kidding, I always look like I just rolled outta bed! haha.

Can't wait to see you again!!!

Jo said...

I am so happy to see that you had such an amazing time with your family! I knew you would!! :)

Thank you for letting me come and share my heart here at Dolce Vita. It was so much fun to meet your awesome readers via their sweet comments/links to their blogs, and the other beautifully shared hearts.

Emily {Rue de France} said...

So glad you birthday girls had such a lovely time! XOXO

Amanda said...

Micaela -- I'm so glad that you got to be with your family! It's such a treat, isn't it? Something that I take for granted with my parents and one sister being in the same town. You'll have to have two birthday celebrations -- one with the hubs, of course! :)

Lauryn said...

Happy belated birthday! You have an absolutely beautiful family. It's great to see all of your smiling faces in one place!

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