Thursday, March 1, 2012

Amanda's Heart.

Hi Dolce Vita Peeps :)

I'm Amanda from Itchin' Stitchin'. My blog is usually filled with cute little ramblings about my three children, peachy crafty bits, photos of my lively life, and little trinkets that go into my shop. I met the lovely Micaela through an Etsy swap. Both our hearts have a soft spot for those amazing thrifty vintage finds, and this is why she is my vintage soul sister. While I wish I lived just a bit closer so I could make her a cake to celebrate her birthday (mailed birthday cake just doesn't sound as yummy), I hope this little piece of my heart is just as sweet.

A Picture:
My favorite picture of my children.

A Poem:
♥ Reminds me of my own marriage (together for 11yrs)

A Song:

A Quote:

From my favorite book and one of the best movies

An Item of Clothing:
Smocked Knitted Winter Scarf
My bright yellow coat that keeps winter cheerful.

A Place:
Salem MA
We will be moving here soon - Salem, MA

♥Warm Wishes♥


Claudia said...

Such a beautiful heart! I loved your colorful coat :)

Claire Kiefer said...

I looooove that bright yellow coat. Yellow really is such a happy color. Glad to meet you, Amanda!

Jo said...

Your children are gorgeous! And, I love that quote! I've never seen or read Practical I want to do both! :)

Anonymous said...

A heart of gold! This made my eyes water up, in a good way. :)

April said...

Elizabeth and the Catapult is coming to play at my school in April! Yay!

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