Monday, April 26, 2010

Stationary Swap + Postal Service Part Deux.

this being a mail time monday post, i realized i never shared what i got in Megan's Stationary Swap exchange. I love who i was paired up with- Molly (gorgeous!) from "my name is Yeh." She sent me the best mix of postcards (hello Johnny Depp!), hand made notes, polaroid cards, and even included a CD from Juilliard of her playing the drums. The pencils she included said funny things like, "give up and be a back-up dancer." what i loved most is that each paper pastry had a reason why she loved it-- a notecard from her favorite cafe in NY, or a hamburger card cos she mostly has a foodie blog, and penguins cos it's her school mascot.

Molly I loved everything!!! (and have already used quite a few things already)

I was so sad that silly me accidentally erased the pictures of my swap gift for her, but here are a few pics she kindly snapped for me. Her gift was the first one i tried using a record as packaging.

from moncy3, my place to get hand made envelopes

thanks for hosting such a fun swap Megan!


^Blanca had emailed me asking for instructions on how to put a button on her blog with a link. I happily helped her and in return, she sent along some of her recent etsy purchase. I love them and insisted she didn't have to! again, i adore random kindness and will always try and return it to the world.

^lovely lauren nicole (she is my envelope making muse). Always the sweetest, she included a packet of vintage stamps & a wish token (a token to keep in my pocket/purse that holds an encouraging thought to brighten my day). Thank you L. Nicole! I'm going to really need it this week at work.

^thank-letter from sophia in Australia who got my swap gift for Cole's "favorite things" exchange. I was happy to get her because we had already exchanged letters before, but it was still fun to surprise her.

^this yellow box provided all the cheer i needed from a horrible day at training. Passion wrote the sweetest post on her blog about her package to me. I feel incredibly blessed. The gingersnap in the napkin was shamelessly eaten by me and Max in no time, they were delish and made with a hint of red pepper.

^each gift had a special meaning written on a piece of stationary and this necklace she made for me. Passion, you are a darling girl! really. Such a lovely surprise!!!! Not only were their goodies for me, but Passion's Mom knitted a Domo doll to send to my brother in Iraq. Isn't he beautiful!? i'm beyond touched that she would do that for me and my family.

my brother has a stuffed Domo that belongs to my 3 year old niece sophia that he takes with him everywhere and takes pictures of him in different locations.
Of course right now Domo is currently serving in Iraq as well. When I send this to Marco, I'm going to address it to Domo as well. Passion, he's going to LOVE it!!! thank-you sooo very much! I've sent something out your way today, so hopefully you'll get it this week. I can only hope you love it as much as i loved my package! xo

^postcrossing from Belarus (artwork from a famous belarus artist)

^from Brittan, who sent along the sweetest postcard, original water color (such a talented artist & currently working on illustrating a children's book) with a pin she thought i'd love. I do! thank you sooo much sweet friend! x

^from Zoe who sweetly asked to write me. We have a lot in common, me and her- twin sisters, we're vegetarians & she wrote on a piece of stationary that said la dolce vita. Love! just like her envelope.

^my "little seestur" Belen (love her stenciling and stickers! Plus she sent me the CUTEST card!), fellow Texan Tiffany, and Caiti.


^to my lovely VA girl friend Danielle who has a parrot called Flojo. Obviously you see why it reminded me of her! btw... lovies, she's hosting a fabulous giveaway with a photography i just LOVE! my go-to for notecards and my christmas cards last year.

^reply to Belen. See, Molly? i'm using lots of my stationary swap gifts!

^postcard to Summer's Dad. PLEASE, if you have a free minute, send him an encouraging letter. He is fighting a battle i KNOW he will win, but a happy letter is always a great healer of any bad day, isn't it? Summer told me he likes old cars so i thought this one was cute! ps. he also loves zero bars and gum! that went in my first little package for him. ha

^postcard to Brittan / Blanca

^postcard for erin (just reminds me of her sweet little boys)

^package of little thank-yous to Passion

^my "adore you all" giveaway winnings shipped to Polly in England / replies to Caiti & Zoe.

My mailbox is pretty happy and my life is blessed by wonderful friends around the world! thank-you xo


Passion said...

I'm so happy you liked the package! I can't wait to get yours but I'm looking forward to your letter far more. I've already started telling you about the move :)
I'm so impatient!

Tillie said...

you send/recieve the cutest stuff ever. my goodness. JOHNNY DEPP POSTCARDS! Oh my i want some so badly. I am so in love with that man. haha.

April said...

I'm super jealous of your incoming and outgoing mail!!

Gracie said...

Ohh wow! You truly get some really amazing packages! Absolutely lovely.

And I know that you are so blessed with beautiful letters and mail because you always send the most lovely items. And you're so quick with writing back! xx

Fabi said...

I really love the postcards you are sending :)! And I enjoy the stuff you got. It is so nice to have so much nice friends who send you nice letters who make your day :)!

I hope I will have something in my mailbox today as well :)!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Wow! All this is amazing!! So detailed and pretty!

kittycat said...

fiiiirstly - i just saw your lil collage at the bottom of your page and i love it! YOU ARE SO PRETTY. wow.

now on to the post -->
everything molly & you exchanged for the swap is LOVELY and so personal! i really like it. and as ALWAYS, i love all of the incoming and outgoing mail! i really respect you for being able to keep up with all of it. i feel so overwhelmed and i don't get nearly as much.

xo tiffany

Rhianne said...

I loved the stationary swap!! It was far too much fun and it looks like you got some amazing things, Molly is just delightful :)

Zoƫ said...

I'm so happy you enjoyed the letter and I'm excited to get your reply once I move :) You've gotten some gorgeous mail this week- and sent out some equally gorgeous ones. I'm starting to love Mondays because of mail posts :)

Anonymous said...

Hurray my letter arrived! :)

I love the color green on that envelope you're sending in a needs to get here so I can use it at Lowes to get some paint! XD

Faiza said...

thanks for the tip on sending some mail love to summers dad! just made a little deposit to the mailbox.

LaLa said...

woah! luck duck! amazing can we trade mail boxes lol

Anonymous said...

Oh, I would love to send & receive such lovely mail!!!

Phoenix Peacock said...

so much wonderful and INSPIRING mail! I gotta get back into making more postcards now

Sarah C said...

You always send the cutest mail! I've been so inspired to write lately... maybe you'll be getting a little something soon :)

Simply Me said...

you send and receive the best mail ever ..i always look fwd to your postal updates :)

SweetLime313 said...

ooh, nice stationary swap! It was so nice to see my lil blog on your list of incoming and outgoing :)

Thanks sweetie!

Steph said...

I love the album as packaging idea!! how clever!! i'm going to have to try that sometime!!! ...but now...where's the vinyl? did you just have an empty album cover laying around????

Micaela said...


I buy them at antique shops... they usually have so many for $2 at the most. I just find pretty covers and throw away the vinyl or use them for craft boards. They work REALLY great if you have something flat to send, like a photograph print. xo oh to have a record player still!

Michelle said...

They are so cute and i do love them all. The craft
is one of the best. I wish I could buy them too.

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