Monday, April 19, 2010

Postal Service Novella.

happy monday lovies!!! Day one of real training was fun. I'm really excited to learn and honestly to get dressed up every day. I'm not allowed to have my cell phone out or get online which is DRASTICALLY different (and truth be told sucky) compared to my last job, but really- there's not a lot of down time so c'est la vie!

since it's Monday... you know that's a mail day! I think Jozen last week commented that it must be like Christmas every time the mail carrier comes to my house and it's true! I love the surprises and wonderful letters i get cos that means a reply on my end as well. I love it! Mail makes me happy!


^from my fellow Texan, Tiffany. i had sent her 10 things about me in my first letter, and the panda was her fun facts about her. Below (the first pic) is the back of her envelope (j'adore the heart and eiffel tower!) & 2 postcrossing from Finland & Germany.

^my girlfriend Courtney's GORGEOUS baby announcement (her husband was my favorite camera man when i was a news reporter and we both lived in Texas- Tony always knew how to frame me just right of which i was always very thankful ha. We had the best adventures!). I am SOOO HAPPY for them both and think their little Zoe is BEAUTIFUL!!! i can't wait to send something from etsy her way. Courtney wrote me a cute little note that said she already introduced little zoe to antique shopping, coffee shops, & blogging and they read mine every day. ADORABLE! Congrats to you both!!! x

^so if you know Lauren Nicole, you know she sends the sweetest surprises. Today i got the YUMMIEST cookie from Whole Foods (Max just had to try it lol) i got that funny little card earlier this week. Love mail from you L. Nicole! and i'm so glad you tried "drunken goat" at whole foods! lol it's delish! even though i truly thought the name was a joke.

^remember how ECSTATIC i was when i won Louise's fabulous Easter Giveaway?!?! It came this week and i was a happy little girl! (in fact, i wore my anchor earrings to work today!) I LOVE it all... i do believe that scarf is going to be part of my work ensemble tomorrow. The postcards are her own illustrations, and that mustache one just might be my favorite. Check out Louise's blog & etsy, Super Duper Things. i.swoon.every.single.time. THANK YOU LOUISE! xo

^Kellie had made alice in wonderland dolls for a wonderland swap she was in & was so sweet to surprise those who commented on that particular post an outline of the doll (or if you're like me and can't sew- a made one) My sweet alice is on my book shelf by my illustrated version of Alice in Wonderland. Along with this cute little dollie were other goodies she thought i'd enjoy (i do!) vintage hankie / postcards, and to help with my insomnia... she gave me a minnie book to make. Kellie, you are a doll! & i'll be sending you a thank-you this week.

^this was a surprise package all the way from Farah in Malaysia. Darling Farah sent along a book she knew i would love, glittery sticker, and hand made elephant envelope. Farah (like me) didn't get a book swap book & the fact that she sent me one was beyond touching, especially what she wrote inside. I was going to send her along "Eat Pray Love" but she already has it... so instead i'll surprise her with a birthday gift (May 28th next month for all of you that know her!). She told me she didn't want me to send anything back as long as she made my day--- i love random genuine kindness. But... alas, i am my mother's daughter and i enjoy making other's day as well *wink.

^adorable card from my birdie in NYC, lindsey / penguin classic postcard from Erin - i LOVE that she sent me this particular book cover & shared her secret to marriage bliss. Merci jolie fille! xoxo / and Rhianne was my BPS this month. i love that she got my name out of all the members & her postcard that is so her-- the feet shot! she sent along a sweet note saying she had to use that stationary for me. Cute!

^postcard from Shelly. J'adore this print!


^tom hanks is going to a postcrossing member in Germany who loves his films / my reply to Tiffany.

^a postcrossing going to Lithuania. (she likes music and black and white) This is an upcycled one made from an album cover i got from etsy.

^since Erin finally got her birthday parcel, i can show you what i sent : Keep Calm and Carry On notecards (it's her personal mantra), tea magnet, and Texas Blue Bonnet seeds for her lovely garden.

the next two postcards i wanted to keep, but alas :

^a postcrossing to Finland who is a fellow ELVIS lover. I got this in Memphis. love love love.

^my coveted Johnny Depp. (Molly sent it to me in the stationary swap... love love LOVE! which btw, i still have to share that fun swap with you sometime!) we sent this as a thank-you to Max's sister for our fun Easter weekend. (Depp is who Max's sister teases her husband about. She calls him Tom's "boyfriend.")

^postcard to my birdie Lindsey.

^reply to Shelly (postcard says "a toast to love") & L. Nicole

^postcard to my Elaine in Canada... one of the best Mom's i know! / and to Sophie

and last but certainly not least (whew! can't believe you've made it this far if you have... so sorry for so much writing/photos!) is a package i put together for my bestie M. Remember this record album i bought while thrifting? i used it to mail my gift to Marisa.

^i sent her this gorgeous print "she and him" from alice b gardens that we love, wrote my note on the back of the above postcard, and sent along an awesome polaroid card i got again in the stationary swap from molly (she was such a lovely swap partner!) that made think of my photographer bestie who is like autumn to me; my favorite. Marisa is my personal autumn. [The covered package at the top is something sentimental between me and her] I love you bestie!!!

and i adore all of you for reading this! sorry it was a novella. It was a good mail week and i think Jozen is right... every day is seriously like Christmas at the Lechuga-Maxham's.

THANK-YOU for all your wonderful letters and comments!!! xo


Passion said...

I wrapped your package yesterday and it will be mailed tomorrow! So more mail is on your way :)
I love the panda, he's so cute :)

Sam Harvey Handbags said...

Where do work. sounds wonderful whatever it is! you are an inspiration. you are very much connected to fun people and places. i am getting an idea of what to send in our swap!

Claire Kiefer said...

Amazing! I love your mail life . . . everything is so lovely and thoughtful. I can only imagine how long it takes to collect all of these wonderful things, given how many pen pals you have!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i have to admit, that really does suck that you can't have phone or internet access at work. i'm not supposed to use the internet at the office, but if i need to see something, they don't get upset, so it isn't too bad.

lucky you, winning that giveaway from louise!

i got my postcard, and you're such a sweetie! i hope you're enjoying your job so far (even though it's still really new). XOXO

Megan said...

Oh Micaela you get such wonderful mail. I have so been enjoying writing letters the past couple of days. I have just finished your reply and cant wait to send it out to you, it seems like you have alot more mail still to come ^^
That panda Tiffany sent you is so sweet.Oh and I just read that super dooper store has jewellery bags which i have been looking for for ages i will have to check it out. The little Alice doll is so gorgeous dont worry i cant sew either. I also love the Elvis card. All really wonderful! I will hopefully get my mailpost done later today, i have jumped on the mailtime monday bandwagon it seems like a good day to do it.
Oh and i featured your blog in blogging around the world yesterday :-)

Bitsy said...

Boooo. I want mail. All I get is bills. Bills Bills Bills. Just like Beyonce said. Grrrrrrr. In a mood :o(

Tillie said...

You send the most amazing things miss! oh my! I feel like i have alot to live up to now! eeeeek!

Johnny Depp! Oh my gosh I am almost a little bit too in love with him i think

crissy said...

Oh, how fun! Happy mail is the best.

April said...

You're a lucky girl.

Melita said...

wow, tons & tons of fabulous stuff. i heart getting & sending snail mail. it always makes my day. glad your training is going well. have a wonderful week. hugs!!

Stephanie said...

Wow! You're so lucky you got so much mail :]

Erin said...

Thanks again ever so much for my birthday parcel! I love it. I'm working on a post about it right now... (oh, and we planted the seeds yesterday!)
Happy Monday, sweet friend.
More mail coming your way soon!

Jen said...

Postal mail is so under-rated! It's something that I love getting and puts a big smile on my face! Never under estimate postal mail... it's what keeps us together :-)

kittycat said...

love this post! i got your reply today and i will send something your way by the end of this week!! everything should calm down by wednesday (school work wise) so i can reply to everyone!!

xo tiffany

missDTM said...

ooo i am totally jealous! your pen pals are soooo lucky! and you get the best packages!!!

Kara said...

Holy monkey! I would DIE of happiness if I got this volume of amazingness in the mail on a regular basis. I wish I had more time so I could do happy the mean time, I'll live vicariously through you! Fab!

Laura Loo said...

tom hanks lookin soo dreamy!!

the floral print card, that's gotta be Liberty of London! they have a bunch of clothes and decor at Target right now with that print!

Courtney said...

Awwww you included us in your post! :) We feel loved! I too love getting mail that isn't bills..There is something to be said for a handwritten note...I'm a sucker for cute stationary and fancy pens! My Aunt sent me the cutest vintage baby card that made me think of you!

i-zilla said...

lol i love that max has seemingly already confiscated YOUR cookies. wowza you do seem to get a lot of mail! how lovely!

HT said...

Awww I loved this post. :)

I especially loved the postcard with the chick and the frog. hahaha :)

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