Saturday, April 24, 2010

my saturday afternoon.

i slept in this morning and it was NICE! i was hoping to hit the post office to send out some packages but i didn't realize they close at 10:30 on saturdays in Madison Heights. (back home it was noon) Fail.

on my drive home from the post office, there was a little yard sale outside a business. I saw a whole bunch of pretty tins. I picked one tin up and asked how much it was and the kind lady totally surprised me. She said that if i liked tins, i could have all of them for $5 and just get rid of the ones i didn't like. I couldn't believe it. There were some beautiful vintage ones and a lot that i can use as packaging for gifts. She said that they all belonged to her grandmother, which i just loved. Here are a few that were in my grab bag:

aren't they beautiful? i am so glad i stopped. We also stopped at the J.Crew weekend sale and got a bunch of beautiful ties for Max and this wool blazer i CONVINCED my darling fiance to get. I love the tailer fit and material. Doesn't it look cute on him? He asked me what he could wear it with and i told him he could wear it with anything; as a jacket when it's cool outside. That's the beauty of J.Crew. You can really dress it up or down and for men especially, we value versatility.

He humored me and posed for you lovies. I am in love with this man and he really has no idea how much.

on the way home, i got the funniest text from my girlfriend Lauren. She sent a picture of her new thrift store boots that made her think of me. Then she wrote and said, "I just looked in the right boot...someone used a maxipad as cushion...I can't stop laughing!" I had to giggle too! I guess it works? who thinks of these things? ha.

Lo, i love them but please take the maxi-pad off with gloves lol. and Please rock them with shorts too! your text made my day.

I hope your Saturdays are going just as lovely. Another thing that made my day was from someone i can't wait to share with you tomorrow on my "sharing sundays" series. One preview word: FABULOUS!!!

i'm feeling really blessed lately and i can't stop being thankful or smiling.



Ashlee said...

those tins were a total score.

i hate finding those little flesh-colored sticky things on the the inner heels of thrift store shoes...but i think a maxi pad cushion may just take the cake. eww!

pip a la chic said...

Wow those tins are so cute! And what a great price too. Glad to see your having a good Saturday. It's Sunday morning here in Aus... my Saturday went too quick.

Jamie said...

Ok, the maxipad thing totally made me laugh. That sounds just like a text I would get from one of my dear friends, lol.

Your man looks super cute in his new blazer! Looks great with his hair color!

Love those tins! Great score!!!
Hope you have a wonderful evening!!! xoxo

Hope Chella said...

These tins are adorable! xx

Hope :)

Faiza said...

i so appreciate the gratitude and thanks that resonates throughout this post. (even for a maxi pad!) happy saturday micaela.

esther said...

oh, saturdays like that are the BEST. awesome tin finds! sometimes i feel like the cute old ladies don't realize some the treasures that they have their hands on...or they're just over them.
anyway, great blazer, he looks great in it!
happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe you got those lovely tins (and then some) for such a steal! I love, love, love garage sales! :)

Anonymous said...

I love second hand things.
Those tins are lovely.


Kara said...

Those tins = love!!! So beautiful and vintage looking. I'm jealous of your fun weekend :)

The maxi pad thing totally made me lol. Not gonna lie...sounds kinda genius!

Polly said...

Ah I am sooo jealous of those tins! I collect vintage tins! They're so beautiful. I love all the ones in the 3rd picture.

And haha the whole maxi-pad thing made me laugh!

Anna said...

i love the tin story, what a great find!

Lauren Nicole said...

sleeping in is amazing, literally, when you rarely do so anymore, is it not? seriously, it IS the little things.

i hate the post office + saturdays. bleh. really, what is up with that?

the tin story = killer. oh my goodness, how great of luck is that? i love it when that happens, completely out of nowhere. i found a TON of vintage, thin, little cookbooks last week, so awesome. 25 cents a piece! and 5 bucks for all those tins? has to go down in the history for best thrifting deals ever.

i adore the red house/cottage/barn one in the first photo and all three in the last one. that tall square one is so cute and kitchy, no?

the photo of max, ahahahahaha, i about died. it's like he's trying to pose, but max seems so darn awkward about TRYING to pose, like....i don't know. it just made me laugh. :P

again, the shoes, so funny. and gross. really, i hope there was anti-bacterial soap involved.

ooooh....i wonder who this fabulous person is that you're going to share with us...;].

and i really concur with your last little sentance. life = lovely lately. <3 <3
- L

Claire Kiefer said...

My primary goal today was to SLEEP IN! I slept a bit too much, perhaps, but it makes up for the craziness of the week. Those tins are really lovely and I'm sure will be quite useful. I wish I encountered more yard sales! I guess they'll be more frequent now that summer's coming around. Last year I got a pretty sake set for $2!

April said...

Awesome lucky finds!! I love Saturdays!

the EyeZuh said...

aww those tins are beautiful! i love cute containers and yard sales! :)

- Iza

Barry said...

M'kay those tins? Seriously beautiful. It probably sounds strange to hear it from a guy but I love antiques (especially vintage books). It's amazing I don't have a house full of the stuff.

I love to hear you talk about your man this way. Don't even get me started how sappy I am with this stuff 'cause even I have a hard time believing it. :)

I haven't visited here for a while and am dropping in via Jenni's blog. This post made me smile, then again I would have expected no less from you. Happy weekend.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

You lucky girl - what lovely tins! Can we go shopping some time so your vintage shopping luck rubs off on me?

p.s. Just launched a contest you might like, super cute aprons or a cool beaded necklace or sewing scissors.

Anonymous said...

hi love, i got your mix cd's the other day! they are BRILLIANT. i love them. thank you so much!

yours are done, as well, and i will be mailing them on monday. i know, i know, i waited until the last day, but that's how i do.

happy weekend!

Belen said...

Hahaha, that's hilarious about the maxi pad! I wonder why the thrift store hadn't checked inside the shoe?

And I'm lovin' the jacket on Max, because from the picture, it looks vintage-y and his scruff adds to the awesome look of the jacket. You're a lucky gal. If only I could be so lucky to find My One already.

I'm so jealous of your tins find! Only 5 bucks?! The BP and I can never hit up garage/yard sales because we're always busy. :(

{ Thy Lady } said...

I love those vintage tins! they're so pretty! I have a few similar to those & aren't they just so pretty as decoration? heheh! & those boots look FAB! yeeeeehaaa! :)


Melita said...

i'm a huge fan of old tins & these ones are adorable! excellent score. have a fabulous sunday sweetie! hugs!!

Meghan said...

Those tins are darling! I just love your enthusiasm for the little things in life! It's contagious!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

holy moly you got lucky with those tins! i especially like the roses at the top and voctorian couple at the bottom. was the yard sale outside of a brick house near cvs? because i saw a huge one there on friday.

and what a funny pad story! i've seen some crazy things in my thrift store adventures, but no pads as insoles!

that jacket does look good on him, and i'm glad you convinced him to get it. i can't get chris out of t-shirts!

Maddy said...

jealous! those tins are wonderful! i have one like those storing our kitchen utensils.

that blazer rocks. tell him it's very worth it!

the EyeZuh said...

yeah i used to also be discouraged with wearing things like that... but after looking/reading all these fatshion blogs i got a super surge of confidence :) i'm glad i could motivate u to try it! and ppl think jeans are comfortable... maaan a skirt and a tee are just the epitome of comfort! lolz

- Iza

Marisa said...

oh i am just on love with the tins.... what a great find

Mia said...

The tins you found are wonderful and I'm very jealous now. I love tins and boxes and decorative containers from tiny pill boxes to suitcases and I love love love your bargains!

Erin said...

I am madly in love with the tin in the second picture. What a find! :-)

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