Monday, April 5, 2010

Postal Service. (and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Erin!!!!)

isn't my darling fiance and our new little niece Nora the cutest thing ever? we just got back from staying Easter night over at his sister's house. We had so much fun playing with her and her older brother who's 3. (i hope you had a lovely Easter!!!)

since it's Monday, how about a little mail post?


^the biggest postcard i've received from Erika (thx!) and awesome first letter from Passion. Her letter was in the neatest transparent envelope that included a sparkly cupcake seal.

^postcard from my girl Gabby just because, who said it made her think of me. (seriously if you don't know Gabby, {what rock are you living under? *wink} get to. she's the cat's meow!) / a little something from Caroline for participating in her mail scramble. I can't wait to plant sunflowers, which are my bestie's favourite flower. / Speaking of M, a little etsy purchase i ordered for her came in from Sweden, but I'm waiting for something else to come in as well.

^Jozen sent me the sweetest card and bobbies she made from vintage buttons. (I'm wearing the green one as i type, because the bangs i always insist on cutting myself keep falling in my face) I love them!!!

^a pretty hand made card from Angie who included a set of gift tags she made out of old card catalog cards (LOVE!) that she thought would make a "wonderful addition to some of the lovely packages" I send out. Angelina, you know me well- thank-you so much. Speaking of packages, she is hosting a May Day basket exchange!

some incoming postcrossings from Germany (my first hand made one) & the Netherlands.

i also got the most delightful CD mix from my indie film girlfriend Marla (i have missed her!) who lives in Oklahoma City. We used to work the early morning shift at the news station back in Texas and have seriously, the best random conversations. Right now "Call it off" by Tegan & Sara is playing, which is actually a band Megan told me to check out. Megan even wrote these lyrics on an envelope to me:

"Maybe I would've been something you'd be good at
Maybe you would've been something I'd be good at
But now we'll never know"


^my reply to Passion. She sent me questions on pieces of paper to answer like, "What is your favorite constellation?" (the 2nd one was to draw a graph of my nationality) I thought it was a neat way to get to know someone, so i sent these answers and my own set of questions for her.

^Anna posted about a thank-you i sent her for the yummy brownies she made me. Tea lovers out there, this is my fave tea! I got some in a holiday swap and have never looked back.

^a little thank-you to Jozen for the hair pins.

^ my BPS for April going to Susan in MD.

Some outgoing postcrossings:

^to Lithuania : she asked for bird's eye views of cities. This is one from Alice Bock Photography.

^to Germany: she wanted comic characters, and this one is my favourite. (i used different The Simpson's postage for this one too)

^to Estonia: She wanted local artists/photographers and though Diana isn't from VA, i explained that she is my favorite photographers and this is one of my favourite images from City Light.

^to Finland: she wanted film images.

cheers to happy mail!

+happy birthday to Erin!!!

be sure & say happy birthday

if you haven't already, please!


Brown Girl said...

I feel like a total turd, maybe I should be sending you mail...did I miss something because if mail is the new thing, no one told me!

Your niece is super cute..and yeah, the fiance ain't bad either!!

Megan said...

Oh your niece is absolutely gorgeous, I lvoe babies i could just cuddle them all day.
So glad you like Tegan and Sara too.
I love all the mail you have been sending and receiving, so glad that you are doing these posts.
And yes Happy Birthday Erin!
Hope you had a wonderful easter Micaela.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

You have the coolest mail! Wow. Sigh, the first picture is lovely too - isn't it great having loved ones together?

Jodi said...

Micaela, after reading your blog for so long and your love of post cards and gifts and seeing how something so simple can spread so much happiness, you have given me a new perspective.

You know this; but I'm such a huge procrastinator. However, today, something came in the mail. It was a flag from your brother and I couldn't help myself, even though I'm not an emotional person at all, I found myself crying. I'm not really sure why it impacted me so much, but I'm vowing from this point on, that though I may be a procrastinator, never again will that apply to sending mail.

I heart your blog so much. =]

angelina la dawn said...

such beautiful mail! and i'm so glda you love the tags. i thought they just screamed "you" :)

Sabrina said...

I love your happy mail!! So many cute things!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog...

Erin said...

Have you ever tried the double chai? It's strong and spicy for those days when you need some extra oomph from your tea. :-) You send the absolute prettiest mail!

Erin said...

Love the happy mail! Love you!

Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was a wonderful weekend all around!

Hoping for loads of mail tomorrow... no delivery on Good Friday or today, and we don't get Saturday mail here in Canada, so I imagine there will be some cards and packages coming my way very soon. I can't wait for yours!

Glad you had such a happy Easter. So very glad.

PS: I got some fab new notecards for my birthday. I'm composing a letter to you in my head now and will get it down on paper toute de suite!

Annie Cristina said...

Your posts always make me happy -- they're bubbly and joyful. And you have made me realize how I've let snail mail go the way of the dodo in my life. Too much tech these days, not enough handwritten and heartfelt.

P.S.) Tegan and Sara rules. Your friend has excellent music taste. :-)

Anna said...

that first image is just SO sweet!

i'm loving these mail updates too! such prettiness :)

Claire Kiefer said...

1. That baby is SO SWEET and she is definitely smiling up at your fiance! That is darling . . . what a lovely little baby. :)
2. I am amazed at all the gorgeous mail you send and receive. It's so personalized and intimate and wonderful. You're an impressive little lady!
3. I really do just LOVE your blog. :)

my name is lauren. said...

so much beautiful mail! you'd be a great pen pal :).

chelsea rebecca said...

your niece is so adorable! and that picture with your finance is just the cutest!!

look at you!! single handedly supporting the postal service! haha. i love all the pretty pretty mail coming and going!! so lovely!

Simply Me said...

Nora is such an adorable little girl and the pic shd be framed ..
as fr the mail, well you make me sigh everytime ..infact im sending out my postcrossings too tomorrow ..yayyyy for that !!
Glad you had an awesome weekend :)

Cassie said...

Absolutely gorgeous pic of your little niece! So adorable when they get to that smiling age, my own niece is just reaching that.


Fabi said...

I truly love the paper you used for Anna.

Your nieve is soooo cute. She looks so sweet :)! Great photo.

And I hope I can show some Incoming and Outgoing mail later as well :)!

Meghan said...

You ladies are all so seriously creative! I love all of the postcards and letters - getting mail is the best feeling!!!

And your niece is too cute for words!!!

J. said...

I simply ADORE the way she is looking at Darling Fiance!! So sweet!
I also admire your mail... I want to be a postal kind of girl, but somehow just don't have it in me :(

Michely Medeiros. said...

aww your niece is absolultley precious!!!! i hope you had a fun easter weekend and love seeing your snail mail...

Lauryn said...

My mailbox is so envious of yours! How do you get involved with all of these wonderful bloggers? It looks like so much fun!

It's so nice of you to send out birthday wishes for Erin.

Have a wonderful day! :)

Steph said...

Nora smiling up at him is the cutest thing ever!! And re Lauryn's comment - just how did you get involved with so many great people?! You have so much love in your life, and I love that you spread it.

Micaela said...

Brown Girl, i would welcome any mail from you- think you could send along Dirk N? ;) i don't know if mail is the "new thing" but ever since i was little I've always loved having pen pals :)

Jodi, It's SOOOO GOOD to hear from you again! no worries about being a procrastinator- i AM TOO! ugh, my worse fault. I'm so glad you got a thank-you from my brother. He just amazed me with those. You are darling to have sent him a thank-you. It means a lot to me, and obv meant a lot to my brother :) THANK YOU!!!!!

angelina, I LOVED them! thank-you!!! I'll send something your way soon.

Erin, no i haven't and now I MUST! thanks for the suggestion :)

Birthday Girl Erin, I didn't know you didn't get mail on saturdays? I told Max that and he said that we might be moving to that soon in the U.S. cos the post office is struggling. Ugh, i would hate it. lol i love that we get post on Saturdays! Can't wait to see your new note cards :) and i hope you get my gift soon! it takes awhile to get from VA to Canada, doesn't it? again, i would send you SAWYER if i could. LOST TONIGHT!!! whooooooo xo

Lauryn & Steph, i just love connecting with people. I send postcards through PostCrossing which is just the neatest art/correspondence project. Others have asked to write me, and some i've gotten to know really well through this awesome blogging world, we've just decided to send birthday pressies or little pkgs/notes (me and Erin, for example). I also get involved in swaps, which i just think are really fun! :) and Steph, thank-you for your comment about how i give it back. I try. If anyone sends me anything, i have to send something back. I don't know, i just feel happy doing that :)


leigh ashley said...

i just ran across your blog and saw this post... inspiring. it really makes me want to send out some sweet postcards or something! :)

Mia said...

I really love the postcards you've sent, especially the couch card from citylight :)

Farah said...

such lovely mail you've got and sent out my love! sorry for being so absent..I've got a bunch of final papers to write for the end of this sem =((

Tiffany said...

Oh Sweet Marla!! I sooo thought she hated me when I first met her...come to find out she just has to warm up to you first! How is she?

Miss you!

jozen said...

oohh! so glad you liked them!! and i can't wait for my thank you card :)

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