Thursday, April 1, 2010

this touched my heart.

i loved the photos some of you sent me of the letters you sent my brother in Iraq. Here are a couple that i got and have been meaning to share:

^from Chelsea

^from my Elaine, who included a picture of her sweet son Dylan holding the finished package below. (Elaine, I'm SO glad he's feeling better!)

^from Aimee

it means so much to me that a lot of you lovies sent letters of encouragement & birthday wishes. And it means a lot to my brother Marco as well.

Yesterday Vanessa texted me to tell me that she got a surprise package in the mail, all the way from Iraq. My brother had sent along a thank-you that included an American flag that flew over the skies of Iraq. Please check out Vanessa's post today about Marco's letter (isn't she cute with her flag?).

Marco is the one kneeling on the right.

(Vanessa, thank-you for sharing!!!)

I love my brother and am sooo proud of him. If you ever want to send him a card, please email me and I'll be MORE than happy to send along his mailing address. I like the idea of mail call and his smile when he sees that perfect strangers are thinking of him and wishing him well. xo


Jamie said...

This is so great! I have tears. I just love it. I'm so glad so many people are supporting your brother and sending him love!!! Yay for awesome people!!!! xo

brlracincwgrl said...

This is absolutely wonderful!

Krissa said...

AWESOME!!! I received a nice package from your brother yesterday brightened my day that he would take the time to send that!!!!

The Socialite said...


You and your family is beyond sweet! Your parents did good. Real Good. ;)
I'm for sure keeping him in my thoughts always! :)


Fallon said...

Micaela, we received a a flag and photo as well today. I have to say I have never been quite as touched to receive anything before. Jake and I got a tear to our eye. I can see why you adore your brother like you do. Although I plan to send a letter thanking him, if you get a chance say thanks for us, will you?

chelsea rebecca said...

HOORAY FOR BIRTHDAY MAIL FOR YOUR BROTHER! and for you being such a good sister!!

Marisa said...

i havwe missed so many of your posts... sad face

i hope Marco received our package... how wonderful that so people reached out to him

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